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Creators of Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song Tease the Possibility of an OVA

The success of Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song has been fascinating to watch. What was once one of the least anticipated series of the spring turned into a raving masterpiece that ended up winning Best New Anime of the Season for Spring 2021 here at Anime Corner. The series even received its own light novel and manga adaptation of the series shortly after the series ended. Now the original sci-fi anime is becoming a sensation to anime fans everywhere.

The creators of Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song, Nagatsuki Tappei and Umehara Eiji, sat down with Mipon for an exclusive interview discussing many topics, including the possibility of an OVA or a spin-off.

Original Story Is Officially Finished

“We planned for it to last one cour,” said Nagatsuki. “We set out to write a complete story to end with this songstress AI named Vivy would sing, and we detailed what would happen in which episode. Both Umehara-san and I felt that everything wrapped up quite nicely, so it just wouldn’t feel right to force the story to continue any further.”

It’s no surprise that Vivy won’t have a second season. And with the perfect ending that Vivy received, the feeling is definitely mutual among fans as well that it was best to end the original story the way it did. However, a possible OVA or spin-off could come to us later down the line. 

“It definitely would be tough to justify a second season,” said Nagatsuki. “But a side story or spin-off is a different matter and not completely out of the question. As for Vivy and Matsumoto, their story is definitely finished.”

Possibility of a Vivy OVA

While the ending intends to be a little more open for interpretation, it still leaves viewers with a sense of closure that ends the story of Vivy and Matsumoto perfectly. Even so, fans are still clamoring for more Vivy content now more than ever.

“Who knows?,” said Nagatsuki when asked about continuing the series’ story. “Maybe there’d be some way to do a side story that’s unrelated to the main plot like they do with movies for the JUMP series. Like Vivy’s secret sisters, or sealed singularity points. “

This actually brings up a wonderful point. There are many parts of the Vivy universe that could still be explored in a possible OVA or spin-off series. Having a more in-depth look at Vivy’s sisters would be an instant hook, especially after the amazing reception Elizabeth received from fans. In order for that to happen, though, Nagatsuki and Umehara are going to need constant support. Like all things, there needs to be a big enough audience. While the Vivy fandom is growing slowly but surely, it could become a reality before we know it. 

“Well, if there’s enough demand, we might be able to put out a voice drama CD or an OVA,” said Nagatsuki. 

For more details on this topic, read the full interview with Mipon here.

Both Grateful For Tons of Support

Nagatsuki and Umehara each had their own interpretation of the series finale. When discussing everyone’s interest in the series, Umehara mentions how exciting it was seeing fans overseas have conversations about the ending of Vivy.

“I’m grateful for everyone’s interest,” said Umehara. “People discuss and debate that sort of thing on the Japanese internet as well, but not as much as they used to. It seems like there’s much more activity on overseas websites, which I’m very happy about. I appreciate people taking their time to think about the work we produced.” 

We can only hope their vision of Vivy’s incredible world continues. Be sure to check out the full interview with Mipon where they discuss how the series came about, the difficulties of working on the project, how Umehara became one of the creators of Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song, and much more in regards to to the series!.

All 13 episodes of Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song are currently streaming on Funimation.

*Side note: Make sure to fix the mature content settings on your Funimation account. Otherwise, the series won’t appear on the app.

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