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Cure Your Insomnia With Some Gushing Over Magical Girls ASMR

Do you have trouble sleeping? Did you know that up to 30% of the global population suffers from insomnia? Are you aware that a lack of sleep can cause multiple issues, from depression to cardiovascular and other mental health problems? Well, the pharmaceutical and herbal supplement industries sure do, as they make a lot of money trying to put people to sleep! But if you don’t want to rely on pharmaceuticals and you don’t find natural remedies to be efficient, where do you turn? ASMR? YES! ASMR can help you relax and promote healthier sleeping habits and what voice is more soothing, relaxing, and filled with love than that of our smug Gushing Over Magical Girls‘ Utena Hiiragi?

Pandering to one’s demographic is always a rewarding business move. The marketing department over at Kadokawa made sure to please fans of Gushing Over Magical Girls by releasing a 20-minute-long Gushing Over Magical Girls ASMR featuring its main character, Utena Hiiragi.

Imagine it. It was a long day. Nothing you did went your way. During breakfast, you burnt your toast, then realized the milk you poured on your cereal passed its best-by date ages ago. You missed the bus, arrived late to work, and got verbal abuse from your boss because of it. When you finally get to go home, you pass by your favorite convenience store to pick up some dinner only to realize they’re closed. When you finally get to bed, you’re tired and worn out. But sleep is a million miles away.

Life’s depressing, it’s always been. BUT NOT ANYMORE! Now, you can make some hot chocolate, add an indulgent amount of marshmallows, put on your coziest pajamas, and let Utena’s nurturing voice (CV: Izumi Fuuka) gently lull you to sleep with some Gushing Over Magical Girls ASMR.

The anime adaptation of Akihiro Ononaka’s Gushing Over Magical Girls is currently streaming uncensored on HIDIVE and will consist of 13 episodes. The anime tells the story of Utena Hiiragi, a girl with unorthodox kinks who idolizes magical girls to the point she wants to become one. One day, she is given the chance to magically transform, but to her surprise, she transforms into a villain! She initially tries to walk away from her newfound life. But as she’s coerced into her first battle, she realizes that bullying magical girls can be a lot of fun!

Source: Official Kadokawa YouTube Channel
© Akihiro Ononaka/ Takeshobo/ Gushing Over Magical Girls Production Committee

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