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DAKAICHI - Spain Arc Movie Releases 1st Short PV

DAKAICHI: I’m being harassed by the sexiest man of the year – Spain Arc movie has revealed the first out of five short promotional videos. New short PV comes out every Saturday at 9 pm, JST. The movie opens in Japan on October 9th, 2021.

The 15-second video is available on the official Twitter page for the series:

The video is also available on YouTube, but only for users in Japan:

DAKAICHI is based on a BL yaoi manga by Hashigo Sakurabi. The manga started serialization in the yaoi Magazine Be x Boy in 2013 and currently has 31 chapters. The anime adaptation came out in the Fall season of 2018 and had 13 episodes.

The movie is a direct sequel. Studio CloverWorks, which also worked on the first season, is doing the animation. Naoyuki Tatsuwa (CitrusFire Force) is directing, while Chisato Kawaguchi and Minako Shiba are in charge of character designs. In addition, Masaru Yokoyama is composing the music for DAKAICHI movie.

Yuuki Ono and Hiroki Takahashi are reprising their roles as Junta and Takato respectively. Takuya Satou, Yuuma Uchida, Kousuke Toriumi, and Wataru Hatano are also starring in the series. In addition, Fukushi Ochiai and Shou Hayami are voicing Antonio and Ceres.

Veteran actor Takato Saijyo lost his “most desirable bachelor” title after a newcomer Junta Azumaya became popular. However, the two meet, and after a drunken incident, Junta begins blackmailing Takato. But, what is it that he exactly wants? A hug in exchange for silence or something more? The two will soon find themselves entangled in a scandal of epic proportions.

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Previously, DAKAICHI movie revealed a key visual, as well as a trailer.

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