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Scarlet Nexus Episode 10: Conflicting Feelings

Scarlet Nexus episode 10 has is out. This time around, Kasane expresses doubts about whether or not killing Yuito is the best way to go about saving the world. Meanwhile, Yuito deals with issues of his own, coming across a familiar face once again and facing a horrifying revelation. Let’s discuss this week’s key talking points in a spoiler-filled discussion!

Nagi is back… again

Nagi comes back in Scarlet Nexus episode 10 to face off against Yuito once again. He appears to have been brainwashed yet again, and is crazy! Right off the bat, Nagi viciously attacks Yuito’s team. The sharp, spinning blades he hurls at them slice through the air at dangerous speeds. Fortunately, the team are skilled enough to evade the attacks.

However, what’s unfortunate is that Yuito comes down with yet another headache mid-battle! It is because of this that Nagi is able to take Yuito hostage and get an advantage over the team. As a result of the battle, Yuito wakes up to find himself strapped to a chair. A scientist nearby implies that he will be dissected and tested on, but his team ends up breaking out and rescuing him right on time. How convenient.

A brainwashed Nagi causes trouble for Yuito… again.

As the show approaches its end, it gets more and more disappointing seeing how Nagi’s character has been used in the story. Ultimately, it feels like the character is a mere vessel to keep the plot moving. He is both a goal and an obstacle for Yuito. When it comes down to it, Nagi the character does not matter as much to the story as Nagi the brainwashed friend or Nagi the damsel in distress.

It’s a shame, really, because within the early episodes of the show, he really felt like one of the more charming characters right off the bat. To this point, those first episodes are the only bits of characterization that he gets. And maybe things change in the show’s last few episodes. But unless a miracle occurs, it won’t be enough to salvage Nagi’s character. Right now, it feels like such a shame and such a waste.

Kasane’s concerns

Scarlet Nexus episode 10 also showcases interactions between Kasane and her team. Her team mates encourage her to open up this time around and express what she’s thinking. They lament about how she appears to keep information from them from time to time. From their perspective, it appears that she has doubts about trusting them.

However, this isn’t necessarily true for Kasane. She apologizes to her team and explains that she does not want to share her thoughts if she feels she cannot convey them well. After some encouragement from her team mates, Kasane shares the thoughts that are bothering her.

Kasane finds it within herself to open up to her team.

The conflict within her basically stems from her thoughts about killing Yuito to save the world. On paper, it seems like that’s what has to be done. She saw the future and learned that Yuito was supposedly at fault for sending the world to ruin. Then, in this episode, she also learns that Yuito’s brainwave signatures match the Kunad Gate. This supposedly should verify the validity of what she saw in the future. However, she also wonders if there is perhaps a better way to do things.

This bit of interaction between Kasane and her team mates is a more human moment that’s kinda rare in the show. A big criticism of the show is that its characters lack personality. Perhaps more moments like this would lend to alleviating that issue. Alas, this is what we get, and it’s actually done well enough here to present the moral conflict of Kasane’s choice and to let her team bond a bit. It’s not bad, but it feels a bit hollow, especially considering how close this season is to ending.

Onto Togetsu

Scarlet Nexus episode 10 ends with both Kasane and Yuito’s team heading toward Togetsu. For both of the teams, some part of the conflict at play currently leads them there. Kasane is encouraged to go to Togetsu as she thinks about Naomi and how Karen may not be so trustworthy. Yuito and his team find themselves in that direction when Karen reveals to them that they are wanted criminals and have been branded as traitors. Two teams heading to the same location at the same time for different reasons. What could possibly go wrong?

Everyone’s heading to Togetsu!

This episode is setting up yet another coming together of these two groups. How interesting that they do it so shortly after the last episode, where they brought Kasane and Yuito for such an anticlimactic showdown. At this point, it’s not easy to see exactly where the show is headed. Sure, there’s some idea you can gather from what’s happened so far. But the real finale of this show is still clouded in mystery.

Hopefully the last few episodes of Scarlet Nexus can pack a punch. The way the show is creeping toward its end threatens to plunge the story into a sad and boring demise. However, there’s still a lot of conflict the show can tap into in order to get a killer ending. It’s not looking too likely that that will be the case, but one can remain optimistic.

Scarlet Nexus is streaming on Funimation and on the Ani-One Asia Official YouTube channel! Episode 11 comes out on September 9th!


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