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Scarlet Nexus Episode 8: Big Revelations!

Scarlet Nexus Episode 8 has just aired! Both Yuito and Kasane make shocking discoveries this time around. The things they find out are huge surprises, and this episode could potentially mark a big turning point in the show. In this spoiler-filled discussion, we’re going to look at the episode’s key talking points!

A reunion between friends

Scarlet Nexus Episode 8 picks up immediately where the previous episode left off. Yuito and Nagi seemingly stand at odds with one another, preparing for a square-off. However, that doesn’t turn out to be the case. Nagi recognizes Yuito as his friend but is in a lot of pain. He expresses plenty of inner conflict within himself, doubting what he might do due to the effects of his experimentation.

They are suddenly bombarded with a barrage of Other attacks though. And though Yuito and company flex their powers in battle, the forces of the Others are overwhelming. This leads to Nagi urging Yuito’s team to escape while he holds off the Others. They leave Nagi behind to fend for himself against the monsters.

A weary Nagi takes a stand against the Others.

Of course, Nagi ends up being okay though! Some scientists find him after the battle and remark on how impressive it is that he managed to fend off all the monsters. The scientists also mention the success of their experiments on Nagi in this light. What the implications of that are, we’ll have to see later on.

Right off the bat, I have to say Yuito’s reaction to potentially losing his best friend to the Others is kinda underwhelming. The way he reacted, you’d think someone accidentally ate the lunch he left in the OSF work fridge. Now look, he doesn’t need to be reduced to tears or anything, but something like this just feels like it should warrant a more emotional reaction.

This reunion between Nagi and Yuito certainly revealed a good chunk of information for viewers. However, the emotion and gravitas of the moment are kinda undersold, especially considering how the other half of the episode goes.

Where Naomi rests

Similar to Yuito, Kasane also faces a reunion in Scarlet Nexus Episode 8. With Kyoka Platoon, she arrives at a facility that potentially houses Naomi. Desperate to find her sister, she rushes through a hallway of doors.

Kasane eventually arrives outside a door and hears Naomi’s voice. Despite Naomi telling her not to enter, Kasane opens the door and walks in. The sight is one of terror. As many may have come to expect, Naomi isn’t the upbeat girl from the show’s first two episodes. She is still in the form of a monstrous Other. Her tentacles tremble as she speaks, and a musky atmosphere surrounds her body.

Naomi remains this horrifying creature.

The sisters have an emotional reunion. Kasane expresses heartbreak at what Naomi has become, while Naomi is just happy to know that Kasane is alive. Naomi also mentions that she is being treated well at this facility. However, her words come with an ominous warning. She warns that after the ampoule’s effect wears off, something horrible happens.

And of course, the ampoule’s effect wears off shortly after she says that. Thankfully, Karen Travers appears suddenly to re-administer Naomi with another dose. Talk about coming in clutch, right?

Honestly though, this reunion between the Randall sisters was done very well. It really carries the emotion of their relationship very well and is about as close to heartbreaking as Scarlet Nexus has ever been. Yuito’s reunion with Nagi really pales in comparison in that regard. Overall, Kasane meeting Naomi again feels as cathartic as it is an interesting new revelation for the plot.

More and more mysteries

Ultimately, the biggest takeaways from the episode are the answers that were provided in Yuito and Kasane’s encounters. There are a few things that were revealed this time around. Nagi was brainwashed due to having been witness to Naomi’s transformation. The mysterious ampoules introduced early on actually tame the Others’ monstrous tendencies in a way.

Karen Travers reveals some key information to Kasane.

This builds on the mystery that Scarlet Nexus has been developing from the beginning. It further builds interest and adds to the intrigue. For example, Karen Travers seems to have good intentions in a way, but still has a sort of “bad guy aura” around him. He can’t seem to shake the shadiness behind his character. Is he a friend or a foe?

Furthermore, viewers are left wondering when Yuito will fully recognize the evils of the New Himuka government. He seems to be somewhat aware of the sketchiness surrounding him, but will it lead him to turn on the government?

Only time will tell, but it is certainly exciting knowing that the mysteries of Scarlet Nexus never seem to stop unfolding. How the rest of the plot will develop will certainly be thrilling to watch.

Scarlet Nexus is streaming on Funimation and on the Ani-One Asia Official YouTube channel! Episode 9 comes out on August 26th!


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