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Scarlet Nexus Episode 11: A Trip To Togetsu

Scarlet Nexus episode 11 sees the Scarlet Guardians venture toward Togetsu! There, they run into some mysterious figures and find themselves in some more trouble! Let’s discuss this week’s key talking points from the episode in a spoiler-filled discussion!

Yuito the traitor

Yuito is a traitor to New Himuka. The episode begins on this note, where guards attack a civilian for sharing Yuito’s likeness in looks. Yuito’s face is all over the news broadcasts, as it turns out that Karen was right. As he watches, Yuito thinks about how fast he’d been branded a traitor, especially given how fast they propped him up to be New Himuka’s “savior” earlier on.

Yuito has been branded a traitor!

It is due to the circumstances that Yuito brings up the idea of going to Togetsu. He mentions that it’s an independent serving as an autonomous religious region, and they could possibly have valuable information there. In this discussion, Yuito also thinks back to what they’ve been through, expressing astonishment at the amount of secrets they’ve run into. However, he’s done with all the questions, and is ready to start demanding answers.

It’s this interaction Yuito has with his team that set up their reasons for traveling to Togetsu. For viewers, not much is known about the mysterious land. Without the exposition dump Yuito gives about the place, it’d be a bit confusing as to why the team needs to go there. After all, there’s a part of the story that feels like they’re going there just because there’s nowhere else to go. But hey, anything to get the plot moving along, right?

The interaction between Yuito and his team also serve to highlight a little more of their personalities. That’s all well and good, but it really feels like these characters should be well established to viewers at this point. That these characters still feel rather flat toward the tail end of the season is one of the biggest problems Scarlet Nexus has at this point.

Arriving at Togetsu

It seems that a trip to Togetsu was also on the mind of Kasane’s team! Before Yuito’s team even set foot there, Kasane and her friends find themselves on Togetsu’s snowy planes. A blistering blizzard hits them as soon as they arrive. The environment is harsh and unrelenting. However, like the troopers they are, Kasane and company venture forward.

They soon find themselves in front of a few cloaked individuals. These people claim to know who Kasane is! They explain that she was apparently from Togetsu. Kasane refutes this, believing that her parents had died when she was a child and that she was adopted by the Randall family.

At this point, the people offer to explain further if Kasane comes with them. Kasane refuses to leave her team behind though, and stands her ground. This results in a brawl to occur. Surprisingly, these cloaked figures put up a good fight. However, what’s freaky is when one of the cloaked figures’ masks are broken, Kasane finds her team mate Kyoka’s face inside. It’s upon seeing this that the real Kyoka injects something into Kasane’s neck, causing her to collapse.

Kyoka is one of them?!

As the rest of Kasane’s team falls one by one, an ominous air permeates through the scene. Who are these people, and what do they want with Kasane? The story already seemed like it would be hard to tie up, but here there’s another twist thrown into the tale. What lies in store for Scarlet Nexus is really a mystery.

The other one

The figures of Togetsu remark that the “other one” is coming. This is likely to be Yuito, given how connected he is to Kasane. After this ominous remark, the episode ends on Yuito and company arriving at Togetsu. They are greeted by the cloaked figures, just like Kasane was. All seems well, and the two parties greet each other amicably. However, the dastardly undercurrent of this interaction remains palpable to all but Yuito. We’ll have to wait until the next episode to see how this plays out!

What do the people of Togetsu want?

How will Scarlet Nexus’ story end?! How are the people of Togetsu going to impact what happens to Kasane and Yuito? We’ll find out next week on the show’s twelfth episode!

Scarlet Nexus is streaming on Funimation and on the Ani-One Asia Official YouTube channel! Episode 12 comes out on September 16th!


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