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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 11: Misunderstandings Galore!

Girlfriend, Girlfriend episode 11 is full of wacky hijinks and crazy shenanigans! All hope for a calm trip to the hot springs is lost as Naoya tries to get himself out of many tricky situations. There isn’t a calm moment for this man at all! Let’s look at the episode’s key talking points in a spoiler-filled discussion!

Five minutes with Mirika

Last week’s Girlfriend, Girlfriend episode left off with Mirika saying that she’d put Naoya through some “serious seduction”. It turns out her seduction method merely consisted of showing Naoya some cleavage of hers. Not exactly what one might call serious seduction, huh?

However, through sheer force, Mirika is able to get Naoya to agree to talk to her for five minutes. There, sitting in a hot tub, Mirika asks Naoya a series of questions to get to know him better. Though Naoya’s mind seems to be on many things other than Mirika, she seems unfazed. She is as chatty as ever, sharing everything about herself with Naoya.

In the five minutes together, Mirika finds out that Naoya watches her MeTube videos. He explains that he’d watched her before he even met her, and despite all the hassle she’d put him through, he still continues to watch. This clearly touches her, which is perhaps why she doesn’t put up too much of a fight when the five minutes end. Surprisingly, there isn’t too much crazy nonsense that goes on between the two here. In fact, their time spent together was rather charming and cute to watch.

Mirika can’t stop being charmed by Naoya!

Oh, but of course the scene couldn’t end without Mirika’s towel falling off, though. Nope, they couldn’t let the scene end on a cute note. They really had to have Naoya get a full look at Mirika’s backside. Never change, Girlfriend, Girlfriend.

An encounter with Shino

While running across the rooftops, Naoya falls into another tub. This time, his fall ends with him face to face with Shino. Alone and with nowhere to run, Shino furiously questions the bumbling man. She demands to know if Naoya is two timing Saki.

Shino’s line of questioning is unrelenting!

Obviously, Naoya can’t admit that to her. However, it seems that lying is out of the question for him as well. He tries to duck and weave through the conversation without giving Shino a firm answer. Shino seems to see through this, and remains single minded in berating Naoya. She even goes as far as to use the law to argue against two-timing. This girl’s got some fight in her!

Their little argument escalates to the point where Naoya tries to scale the wall to escape. However, Shino doesn’t let him go that easy. She grabs onto his pants as he tries to climb, with the towel wrapped around her threatening to come off as well. The tension is high, as someone is bound to lose an article of clothing in this altercation!

In the end, Shino successfully yanks Naoya off the wall, but her towel comes off in the process! The two stumble and fall on top of each other right when Saki and Nagisa come into the room.

What perfect timing! Who would have thought that the shenanigans would start with Naoya’s interaction with what appears to be the smartest character Girlfriend, Girlfriend has introduced so far? It seems that not even the most sane character on the show is immune to the craziness that goes on here!

Getting away with it yet again!

The circumstances at hand threaten to expose the trio’s secret yet again! Shino brings up the question of two-timing once more in front of Saki and Nagisa. In the chaos of all the characters running into each other, it’s Nagisa yet again who’s quick on her feet to think. She takes a picture of Shino on top of Naoya and threatens to blackmail her if she doesn’t stop accusing them of two-timing.

Embarrassed and confused, Shino runs off, and the day seems to be saved yet again. Once again, Nagisa is the hero of the episode. Honestly, what would Saki and Naoya do without her? Not only has she saved the day, but she also reaffirms to the two that she’ll leave them be for the duration of the trip. She expresses that she wants to give the two of them time together and that it would make her happy.

Nagisa saves the day yet again!

Later on in the episode, Nagisa begins to tell Saki about how she first developed feelings for Naoya. This was hinted at many episodes ago, but it seems that next week, we’ll finally be getting the full story! Girlfriend, Girlfriend episode 11 ends on this tantalizing note, teasing what is to come in the future. While waiting for next week’s episode, feel free to vote for the episode on our Anime of the Week poll (results out on Friday)!

Girlfriend, Girlfriend‘s twelfth episode will air on September 18, 2021!


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