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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 10: The Hot Springs Trip

Girlfriend, Girlfriend episode 10 is a steamy one! Naoya and the girls go on their trip to the hot springs! However, what should be a straightforward and sweet trip is very quickly thrown into chaos. Let’s discuss the key talking points from this week’s crazy episode. Spoilers ahead!

Nagisa taking one for the team!

Girlfriend, Girlfriend episode 10 showcased who the real one Nagisa is. The episode starts out with both Saki and Nagisa being bummed out by Mirika stealing Naoya’s first kiss. However, despite feeling bad about it herself, Nagisa reasons that if any of the two of them should get to enjoy a romantic occasion with Naoya, it’s Saki. She believes that it would hurt Saki even more if anything were to happen between her and Naoya. She shares these thoughts with Saki and promises to help her on the trip as much as she can.

Nagisa really shines in this episode!

And to Nagisa’s credit, she absolutely does! She really takes one for the team when the going gets tough. When their two-timing secret threatens to get exposed and when the crazy Mirika shows up, Nagisa is the first to react. She comes up with a way to eliminate all threats in order to allow Naoya and Saki to be together. And when Naoya goes through crazy lengths to bring Nagisa back, she relents. She is adamant about letting Saki enjoy her time with Naoya.

Huge props have to go to Nagisa for this. Throughout the season, she’s constantly done things that put others before herself. However, this moment really speaks of that. Nagisa has wanted nothing more than to be with Naoya, but even before that, she’ll put Saki ahead of herself because it would make her happy. If that doesn’t warm your heart at least a little bit, I don’t even know anymore.

Chaos at the hot springs!

The trio’s whole trip to the hot springs threatened to be a chaotic mess from the very beginning. Because no one who knew them would be around to see anything, Naoya reasoned that he could indulge in a few public displays of affection at least a little bit. And so he ends up holding Saki and Nagisa’s hands in front of the world to see. Of course, this catches the attention of a good few people. But no one knows them, so it should be all good, right?

A two-timing relationship for all to see!

Absolutely wrong. Mirika shows up like the crazy psychopath that she is and makes a big wrinkle in the trio’s plans. Furthermore, Saki’s friend, Shino, appears too! It appears to be out of concern over Saki potentially getting two-timed, but that doesn’t make things better for anyone! Fortunately for the trio, Nagisa is quick on her feet to think, and seemingly spares their blushes.

So yeah, what was meant to be a sweet and romantic trip ended up descending into madness. And that’s without even mentioning Naoya running across rooftops to rescue Nagisa from Mirika’s clutches! However, it wouldn’t be Girlfriend, Girlfriend without a hint of madness, right? It’s all in hilarious fun, and the tension builds excitement for what may come next for everyone!

Mirika the seductress?

In case anyone out there hasn’t realized yet, Mirika is insane. She’s grown obsessed with Naoya to the point of delusion. Throughout the episode, there are hints of her following the trio as they prepare for their hot springs trip. And when she reveals herself to them, she gleefully admits to have been stalking them since long ago.

What’s worse is what occurs at the end of the episode. When Nagisa locks the room, leaving Naoya outside, Mirika dunks him into the hot tub. With an evil smile, she cackles at finally getting her “chance” with Naoya. She grips the towel wrapped firm around her badonkers and warns Naoya to get ready for some “serious seduction”.

What “serious seduction” does Mirika have in store for Naoya?

So that’s all odds of Mirika taking a hint out the window, right? The busty MeTuber is really relishing in the role of being the antagonist of Girlfriend, Girlfriend’s latter half story. It’ll be curious to see what she has planned for Naoya and whether or not he will be able to resist. He’s done a good job so far, and hopefully he does hold out for the sake of Saki and Nagisa.

Either way, Mirika’s little threat serves as a small cliffhanger to end the episode on. What’s in store for the trio in the hot springs? Will their secret come out? I suppose we’ll find out next week on Girlfriend, Girlfriend! You can vote for the episode on our Anime of the Week poll (results out on Friday)!

Girlfriend, Girlfriend‘s eleventh episode will air on September 11, 2021!


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