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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 9: A Big Confession!

Girlfriend, Girlfriend episode 9 continues the Mirika shenanigans! Mirika makes some big moves on Naoya this time around, much to Saki and Nagisa’s dismay. Furthermore, the lovable trio’s two-timing secret may soon be out! Let’s look at the key talking points from this week’s episode. Spoilers ahead!

Mirika in love!

In Girlfriend, Girlfriend episode 9, Mirika finally confesses to Naoya how she feels about him! Her persistent efforts to get with the boy has led to her taking a massive swing. And of course, like the bonehead that he is, it takes Naoya a few moments to register what she has just said. I mean, this is the same guy that believed Saki when she said Mirika was “in heat”. So that kind of thing is par for the course for him.

Naoya can really take a hit.

However, once Mirika’s words get through to him, Naoya remains firm in that he does not want to be with her. As he has done in previous episodes, he reminds Mirika of how much he wants to be loyal to Saki and Nagisa. However, as she has done all season long, Mirika refuses to take no for an answer. In the heat of the action, she plants a kiss on an unsuspecting Naoya.

As gross as that conclusion is, the buildup to Mirika’s confession is nothing short of comedic. Naoya’s lack of ability to comprehend Saki’s manipulative tactics or to read social cues plays a big role in delivering the jokes. In classic Girlfriend, Girlfriend fashion, character stupidity remains key to the hilarious moments of the show. As stupid as the characters are, the setup and writing for the jokes remains sharp and witty, as it has been for most of the season.

What a kiss means

Girlfriend, Girlfriend episode 9 also delves into the girls’ reactions to Mirika’s confession. The kiss Mirika and Naoya shared is one that breaks the hearts of Saki and Nagisa. That was Naoya’s first kiss. Saki and Nagisa tell Naoya about how they each dreamed of sharing a first kiss with him.

The girls are broken, knowing that Naoya’s first kiss was stolen from him.

Naoya fails to understand them at first, offering to kiss them then like the knucklehead that he is. He doesn’t get it at first. Then, in an unironically charming scene, the girls tell Naoya about what a kiss means for them. They mention how it’s not something that should happen in an instant, rather it’s something that should be the result of a buildup of emotions. To them, a kiss should be emotional and memorable.

This leads Naoya to apologize for misunderstanding and striving to do better. He then proposes to take the two of them out on a date to the hot springs in order to deepen their relationship. After all, they haven’t gone out on a date yet. It couldn’t hurt to give it a shot!

This aspect of the episode is a reminder of this silly show’s ability to blend a few heartfelt moments in with the comedy. This interaction between the three by the riverside is one that’s unexpectedly wholesome! There’s just something charming about seeing people strive to be better for one another. And as dumb as Naoya is, one can’t fault him for his effort. It’s nice to see.

The secret’s out?!

As Mirika confesses to Naoya in the warehouse, their conversation is overheard by one of their classmates! Shino Kiryuu, a friend of Saki’s, overhears that Naoya is two-timing Saki. Of course, none of the trio are aware of this, as Shino remains hidden behind the warehouse.

Is the trio’s secret out?

Oh no! Is the secret out? It seems like Saki’s worst fears may be about to come true. Yet another person outside the trio has found out about their taboo relationship. However, what does Shino’s discovery mean for the trio?

Viewers aren’t too familiar with the kind of person Shino is yet. After all, she’s had very little screen time in the show thus far. She doesn’t seem like the type to go around telling people about this discovery. And in the few scenes she’s been in, she seems to be at least a friend of Saki’s. What seems to be likely to happen is that she’ll confront Saki about the ordeal, and her digging will lead her to the truth of the matter.

However, it’s ultimately too early to tell where this will go. Next week’s episode will surely build on this, and it’ll be a plot point for viewers out there to look out for! The next episode’s title also has some steamy hints, so there’s always that to be excited about too!

Girlfriend, Girlfriend‘s tenth episode will air on September 4, 2021!


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