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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 8: Mirika's Persistence

Girlfriend, Girlfriend episode 8 showcases just how persistent Mirika intends to be! The MeTuber who had been a thorn in the main trio’s side since episode 5 just won’t relent! Despite constant rebuttal, Mirika keeps approaching Naoya, much to Saki and Nagisa’s disdain. Let’s get into the episode’s key talking points in a spoiler-filled discussion!

Naoya takes things a bit too far…

The episode jumps right into the heat of the action with Naoya being approached by Mirika. Hardly anything has changed since their previous interactions though. Naoya is still insistent about rebuffing Mirika’s approaches. This, however, does not completely appease Saki’s worries. She grows furious at Mirika and expresses her concerns to Naoya.

As has been the case for most of the show thus far, Naoya responds to this in the most mind-bogglingly absurd and uncalled for manner. He decides to hold onto Saki for the rest of the day. His logic appears to be that it would ease Saki’s worries about him leaving her for Mirika. It does work! And then Naoya takes it much further.

How are they even getting away with sitting like this in class?

The rest of the class is spent with Saki on Naoya’s lap. And yes, it’s about as awkward as you’d expect it to be. It gets even more awkward when a dropped eraser leads to Saki letting out a rather titillating moan in the middle of class. All the while, Nagisa sits a few seats away from them, looking on in envy.

This is exactly the type of stupidity that you watch “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” for. No rational human being would ever behave in this way, which is exactly why this whacky cast of characters are so entertaining. This one little moment in “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” Episode 8’s opening minutes is such a hoot and certainly encapsulates some of the hilarity the show has to offer.

Saki discovers something about herself!

Later on in the episode, Nagisa expresses her desire to be hugged by Naoya too. Saki decides that she’s okay with that, and begins to leave the room. However, Naoya asks her to wait and watch him hug Nagisa. He explains that this would ease his concerns that Saki would feel like he’s doing it behind her back.

Saki reluctantly agrees and watches her boyfriend hug Nagisa. She notes how attractive Nagisa’s body appears while embracing Naoya. However, as much as she shouldn’t be liking what she’s seeing, she can’t take her eyes off of the sight!

This leads Saki to have an internal mental breakdown. Why is she… enjoying watching Naoya and Nagisa embrace? She reasons that she may have a “netorare” fetish, and the thought drives her further into madness. No way she could have such a weird fetish, right?! She’s not that kind of girl. It’s crazy. Ridiculous, even!

Saki’s crazy thoughts get the better of her!

Her thoughts lead her to freak out and punching Naoya square in the jaw. She even goes as far as to accuse Nagisa of being a deviant, much to Nagisa’s confusion.

Saki’s tendency to overthink situations really provides a lot of comedic potential for the show. Furthermore, as in denial as she is about being into the netorare thing, it’s interesting to learn that she might have an affinity for it. Perhaps this plays some role in her being okay with Naoya dating two girls at once. Maybe Girlfriend, Girlfriend’s story isn’t meant to be this deep, but it certainly is fun to think that there’s some long-term story planning that was done for the show’s plot!

Saki and Nagisa’s collusion

Due to Mirika’s constant attempts to get with Naoya, Saki and Nagisa hatch a plot to prevent Naoya from three-timing them. They reason that if Naoya were to discover that Mirika has feelings for him, he’d be more likely to add her to his girlfriend collection. This spells bad news for both of them, and it’s for this reason that they agree to cooperate.

It’s this course of events that leads to Saki telling Naoya that Mirika is in heat. She explains that Mirika’s libido is cranked all the way up and that she’ll do the nasty with just about anything. This is coupled with a reminder from Saki that it’s pure coincidence that she and Nagisa are in love with him. Mirika couldn’t possibly have feelings for him.

Saki is stone cold as she lies to Naoya’s face.

Why Naoya believes this so fervently, who knows? However, as a result of his conversation with the girls, Naoya ridiculously apologizes to Mirika for believing that she had feelings for him. What is wrong with this dude?! These are the thoughts of Saki and Nagisa as they watch this train wreck unfold in front of them. As Mirika takes Naoya by the hand and runs out of the classroom, one can’t help but think that Saki and Nagisa’s collusion has massively backfired on them.

And so the Mirika plot continues. It’s been unclear as to how the issues between the trio and this MeTuber will resolve themselves. It’s been a sort of “will they, won’t they” kind of thing with her so far (more of the “won’t they”, in this case), but the longer this goes on, the answer isn’t becoming more clear. What exactly will Mirika say to Naoya now that she has another opportunity to speak with him alone? Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until the next episode to find out!

All in all, Girlfriend, Girlfriend episode 8 is pretty solid! The episode offers up a boatload of laughs and upholds the show’s consistently hilarious tone! Sure, you’ll lose brain cells as you watch Naoya make dumb decision after a dumb decision. But at least you’ll be letting out a good amount of chuckles as you do so!

Girlfriend, Girlfriend‘s ninth episode will air on August 28, 2021!


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