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Date a Live IV Episode 6 - An All Out Battle to Save Mukuro

Shido, the spirits, and the Ratatoskr are back in action in episode 6 of Date a Live IV. This was, in my opinion, one of the best episodes of the whole Date a Live series. The animation was on an entirely new level compared to the previous episodes, especially the fight scenes. The battle took place in space – another first for the series. Kotori was commanding a better and stronger Fraxinus, which outran the DEM’s Goetia. Looking back on the previous season, Goetia destroyed Fraxinus and nearly killed Kotori’s team. Though, due to Shido changing the history, the original state of Fraxinus was changed. The animation of the rematch between the two ships outruns their first match, especially in the part where Fraxinus used its newest ability.

Fraxinus, and its new power

While all this was going down, Shido and Tohka were battling Mukuro. In episode 4 of the series, Mukuro clearly stated that she doesn’t have feelings because she locked her heart away. This means that the only way for Shido to save Mukuro is to open her heart first. For the first time in the entire series, Shido used Natsumi’s angel to counter Mukuro, and he succeeded in opening her heart using the power of her very own angel, “Michael”. At the same time, a battle between Origami and Artemisia Bell Ashcroft was taking place not so far from the three. This scene is very important; Artemisia tried to attack Mukuro, while she was vulnerable because of her newly awakened heart, but Shido saved her. This particular event might be beneficial to Shido when it comes to making Mukuro fall for him in future episodes.

Shido, saving Mukuro

Origami made it clear that Artemisia hates the DEM, so it’s still a mystery why she joined them. Though this might be one of the consequences of altering history.

Of course, Ratatoskr became the victor in this battle. Fraxinus destroyed Goetia. Ellen retreated along with Artemisia. Mukuro seems to become fond of Shido. She becomes an entirely different person now that her emotions are back. She becomes happier and clingier toward Shido, to the point that she abducted him to have a date. This Mukuro is the exact opposite of the emotionless Mukuro from the previous episodes, which made me think about what made her lock her heart. Maybe something really bad happened in her past that made her seal her emotions using her angel, “Michael”.

Mukuro, being sweet with Shido

While the commotion in space is happening, a separate battle between Elliot and Isaac took place on Earth. However, the anime didn’t show the actual fight scenes. In the latter part of the episode, a bedridden Isaac, with fatal injuries was shown. This means that Elliot defeated him even though he is using the power of Beelzebub. Just how strong is Elliot, and what is his power? If you are curious, episode 7 will air on May 20, 2022, and you can watch it on Crunchyroll. Lastly, if you also think that episode 6 of Date a Live IV is one of the best in the entire series, you can vote for the anime on our weekly poll.

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