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Date a Live IV Episode 4 - The 10th Spirit, Mukuro Hoshimiya Is Finally Here

The 10th spirit, Mukuro Hoshimiya appeared in episode 4 of Date a Live IV. Now that Isaac Wescott can wield the power of Beelzebub, he discovered Mukuro’s location, which happens to be in space. Of course, Ratatoskr won’t let DEM have their way, so they make Shido talk to her. However, sealing Mukuro’s powers will be difficult because her emotions were already sealed by her angel, “Michael”.

Looking back on all of the previous episodes of Date a Live, Shido encountered a spirit who can only love girls, a spirit who can’t trust anyone, and a spirit who can only love 2D characters. Those were the spirits who were really hard to seal, though all of them had emotions so they could open their hearts. But Mukuro’s case is different since she doesn’t have emotions so there’s no guarantee that she will let Shido seal her like Kurumi did.

Mukuro’s awakening

Shido failed to negotiate with Mukuro, so he and the spirits are now going to space to meet Mukuro personally. But before that, the founder of Ratatoskr, Elliot Woodman suddenly appeared to talk to them. His first appearance in the series was when he met Shido and Tohka in season 3, so it was really surprising for Shido to find out who he was. This is a very important scene in the anime because Elliot revealed the truth about the connection between the DEM and Ratatoskr. Elliot told Shido and the spirits that he was one of the three founders of the DEM, who manifested the first spirit 30 years ago. But because he was in love at first sight with the spirit of origin, he betrayed Isaac Wescott and Ellen, and he founded Ratatoskr, whose goal is to save the spirits, opposite of what the DEM wants. Finally, the answers to the questions that were formed in season 2 are slowly coming to light in season 4.

Elliot’s confession

This part is also a turning point for Shido. After hearing the truth from Elliot, Shido had a recollection of his first encounter with Tohka in season 1. That scene was not explained but I think it implies that it is the moment Shido realized that he was in love with Tohka at first sight too.

Well, Shido and the spirits didn’t have the time to absorb all of the information Elliot told them because Isaac suddenly attacked them. This time, it seems that he is after Elliot. Looks like he used the power of Beelzebub again to find him and that the Ratatoskr had run out of luck. As Isaac implied in the previous episode, their peaceful lives are coming to an end. The war between DEM and Ratatoskr has begun. They will need to deal with Isaac first before they can meet Mukuro.

Isaac, using Beelzebub

Isaac used the power of Beelzebub again to trap the spirits and Shido in some sort of dark rift so that they can’t go to Mukuro. The episode ended with Isaac sending Shido and the spirits into a different dimension, telling them that he will play with them after dealing with Elliot. The episode ended with a cliffhanger, and if you are curious about what is going to happen, episode 5 will air on May 6, 2022, and you can watch it on Crunchyroll. You can vote for episode 4 of Date a Live IV captivated in our weekly poll.

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