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Date a Live IV Episode 8 - Inverse Tohka's Change of Heart

The truth behind the Inverse spirits has been finally revealed in episode 8 of Date a Live IV. Mukuro’s battle against Tohka continues. The scenes lead the Inverse Tohka to reveal that the “Inverse” spirits are the original form of spirits. It seems that the Sephirah crystals that were made by the “Spirit of Origin” are the “Inverse” ones. They were only refined to be compatible with humans. Based on my understanding, it seems that all spirits were originally humans, but obtaining the Sephirah crystals made them Spirits. This is a very important part of the series. It serves as a supporting detail to the revelation of Nia in episode 3, wherein she stated that all spirits were originally humans. The thing is, why do the other spirits believe that they were spirits from the start?

Inverse Tohka, revealing the truth

There’s also a flashback of how Mukuro obtained a Sephirah crystal. It seems that it was given to her by Phantom, the same as how Kotori and Origami obtained their Spehirah crystals. If what Nia and the Inverse Tohka said is true, then there’s a chance that all of them became spirits because Phantom gave them the crystals, but who is Phantom anyway? Well, another amusing thing is the fact that the spirits already know how to use their powers the moment they obtain the Sephirah crystals. Mukuro can handle a fight against the Inverse Tohka, who is believed to be the strongest “Inverse” spirit. For the last time, the two spirits went out of their way to have a battle to the death, which leads to Mukuro cutting off Shido’s whole arm.

Mukuro, cutting off Shido’s right arm and shoulder

Mukuro almost turned to her Inverse form because of what happened to Shido. Luckily, Shido was able to stop her by giving her assurance that she won’t be alone and she will be part of his family. This line by Shido is fitting in this arc because the title of the 15th volume of the light novel where these scenes happened is “Mukuro Family”. As usual, Shido was able to seal Mukuro’s powers by kissing her, just like what he did to the previous 8 spirits. The Inverse Tohka witnessed this scene and she immediately went to Shido. Without knowing the reason, she forcefully kissed Shido. We all know that the normal Tohka will come back if the Inverse Tohka kisses Shido, but she still did it. Before she disappeared, her last words to Shido are “Don’t make me – don’t make Tohka sad“.

Inverse Tohka’s final words

This is a surprising turn of events. Looking back in season 2, the Inverse Tohka’s goal was to kill Shido no matter what. When she manifested in the previous episode, her only goal was to take revenge on Shido because of what happened in the past. However, she revealed the truth behind the Inverse spirits. Not only that but she initiated a kiss with Shido, knowing that it will put her to slumber once again. Inverse spirits are known to be brutal ones, and always have a rampage, but the Inverse Tohka is different. What could have changed her personality to the point that she entrusted her other self to Shido’s hands?

The episode ended with Kurumi making her third appearance in this season. It seems that she is back attending school, which surprised Shido since she became one of his classmates once again, like what happened in season 1. Is Kurumi plotting something? If you are also curious, episode 9 will air on June 3, 2022, and you can watch it on Crunchyroll. Lastly, if you were also surprised by the actions of the Inverse Tohka in episode 8 of Date a Live IV, you can vote for the anime on our weekly poll.

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