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Death Stranding: Director’s Cut to Release on Mac, iOS, iPad

Legendary Japanese game creator Hideo Kojima announced Wednesday on Twitter that Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is releasing on multiple Apple devices including the iPad 15 Pro, iPad 15 Pro Max, and other Apple devices that use the M1 chip or higher. The game is scheduled for launch as early as the end of this year.

Death Stranding is Kojima Production’s first brainchild following his separation from former employer Konami. After years of development, the game was initially released on the PlayStation 4 in November 2019. Several months later, the game also rolled out for PC via Steam in July 2020, following a delay from a June 2020 launch due to COVID-19. It subsequently launched on the PlayStation 5 in September 2021.

Kojima Productions took a shot once more with the game which led to the commercialization of the Director’s Cut edition. It was subsequently released for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store in March 2022.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut official trailer / YouTube

Subsequent revelations revealed that Death Stranding is also getting a film adaptation by Hammerhead Studios. The studio is known for the films Bill and Ted Face the Music as well as Barbarian.

Death Stranding might not stay a one-shot in the video game world either. In late 2022, word arose suggesting the development of a sequel. Tentatively called Death Stranding 2, the follow-up to the seminal title will see the return of Norman Reedus as Sam Porter Bridges as well as other returning figures played by Troy Baker and Léa Seydoux. Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna are reportedly joining the cast of the developing sequel title.

In earlier news, Hideo Kojima was quoted as saying that plans for a sequel to the original Death Stranding have been in place since before the pandemic. However, due to COVID-19, the game creator had to rewrite the entire story from scratch. The reason being that he “didn’t want to predict any more futures”.

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