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Delicious in Dungeon Episode 21 - The Love of Monsters

The renowned Jeremy Wade once said, “If the pulse doesn’t quicken, there’s little use for it.” This quote resonates with Laios’ character in Delicious in Dungeon episode 21, as he embodies the quote with unwavering passion and infectious joy. We see a man who understands the distinction between living life to the fullest and simply existing to survive.

The Problem of Elves

Unless it’s Himmel or Frieren who walks into your hotel room, you never want elves to show up unannounced. That’s true in our world, the Delicious in Dungeon world, and every other world you want to bring up. Elves are bad news, with their pointy ears, long lives, and hatred for height-challenged individuals. In the Delicious world, their arrival means a dungeon is going berserk. Kabru knows this from experience; he lived through an Elf dungeon raid. If that’s not a solid name for a power metal band, idk what is. Because of that experience, he keeps the elves at bay.

However, all the politics and problems of the surface world are lost to the Delicious crew, who are enjoying a pleasant meal when Laios reveals he can see dead people. He’s seen them since he first tried magic but kept it hidden. As he reveals that he has the gift of sight and strikes up a conversation with the undead, he and the party are teleported to another world by the ghost of the dungeon.

Another Realm

As they wake up in another realm, their presence there seems to be a big deal. They’re even quickly taken to the master of the village. But they’re out of luck. He’s not there. So, in the meantime, Laios wanders to see the tamed monsters, and Senshi tends the fields. In the meantime, Marcille and Izutsumi are used as models, and Chilchuck has the time of his life tasting ales. 400-year-old ales, which he applauds. Keep that in mind. It’s a loophole for what follows.

As Delicious in Dungeon episode 21 continues, the gang is reunited. And everyone seems to be having a great time. Laios milked a Minotaur (a new life goal acquired), Senshi is hyperventilating over monsters being farmed, and Marcille and Izutsumi are dressed to impress. So much so that Marcille thinks that Laios will compliment her. He just wants to touch Itzusumi though and in fact, he tries to do so. But she swats his hand away. And if that were me, if that happened to me, if I tried to touch a catgirl and she nyaned me away, I would be giving my best pinata cosplay within the hour.

A Family Line

When the Delicious in Dungeon party finally meets up with the master of the village, it turns out to be the grandson of the king who once ruled the kingdom of the dungeon. As they dine with him and figure out what’s happening, it’s revealed that the village’s residents don’t need to eat. They have long lost their taste and don’t even require nourishment (Again, keep this in mind).

But, most importantly, they’re told that it’s foretold that a man with a winged sword will defeat the Lunatic Magician and set them free. Upon victory, the man with the winged sword will inherit the kingdom, and he shall be king. And who has a winged sword? Laios! Seeing as how he’s in a different world and the Lunatic Magician is basically a demon lord, poor Laios straight up got Isekaid.

As they huddle back in their room, a few things come up. Mainly, Laios has to say no to being a savior. But the lack of taste in the food they just ate becomes an important point. Since the villages are immortal, they’re cooking, tending fields, and carrying out day-to-day life to stay sane.

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 21 Comments

The importance of life is wholly dependent on the individual. Society may try to dictate the importance of life, but at the end of the day, the only person who can say what their life is worth is the person who’s living it. In moments of crisis, people tend to ask for hope, but that’s not the best of ideas. There are actually two things that will get you farther in a mentally draining situation: curiosity and passion. Why? You can quell hope way faster than you can quell curiosity and passion.

Notice that Chilchuck actually enjoys the ale the brewer in the show makes. The brewer mentions that the orcs that buy it enjoy it as well. And in a dimension that lacks taste, you see someone capable of tasting. Why? If you ever walked into the brewing room at a microbrewery, you probably realized you’re in the realm of the mad.

And here comes conjecture. The Lunatic Magician is powerful to the point that he can grant people immortality and tame monsters. If that’s the case, getting a few cows and pigs shouldn’t be an issue. Yet he tamed monsters for them. Why? Could it have been by design? After all, what does Laios have that would make him a chosen one? He’s kind, sure, but his kindness is on par with Senshi. He’s not the smartest in the group, nor is he the strongest. What he does have is an unrivaled love for monsters. And in a world where humans and monsters coexist, this may be the reason for him being the person of prophecy.

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