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Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc Episode 1: Tengen Uzui Appears

The Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Entertainment District Arc is finally here, and we got a ~46 minute introduction to the continuation after the Mugen Train events, as well as an introduction to the Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui.

The episode started right after the fight with Akaza. We saw the Upper Moon demon reporting to Muzan, who’s living as a ‘talented boy’ in a normal family. He didn’t appreciate the fact that only Rengoku was taken care off, and we saw how powerless Akaza is before him.

Meanwhile, the main trio is still recovering from the effects of their fight. Tanjiro quickly goes to visit Rengoku’s home to deliver his messages, and we meet his brother and father. His brother Senjuro is a timid boy who can’t quite stand up to their father Shinjuro, who is the former Flame Hashira. While he seems to be an alcoholic who talks bad about Kyojiro, we later learn that he truly cared for his son as he bursts into tears after hearing the last words he left him. Unfortunately, he tore up the records about the Sun Breathing and possibly Hinokami Kagura. That means Tanjiro will need another way to learn more about it.

The Entertainment District

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Finally, as the trio came back from training, we saw the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui. He came to pick up some female demon slayers. We all know where his mission is headed and why he needs them (the title). After a flamboyant scene, the boys took the place of Aoi, and will be heading to the Entertainment District. (The opening also gave us a glimpse of how exactly they will infiltrate it).

Katsuyuki Konishi voices Uzui, and his voice seems to fit nicely with the character. He already had some annoyed reactions, such as to Tanjiro’s comments or to the girls trying to stop him from taking Aoi. Although he seems inconsiderate, we can expect Tengen Uzui to show some badass moments of his own, and Demon Slayer is only going to get more exciting as we go further into the new arc.

Episode 2 title is “Infiltrating the Entertainment District” and will release on December 12, 2021. If you enjoyed the 1st one, you can vote for it as the best of the week!

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