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Demon Slayer: Tanjiro's Sword Gets Forged In Real Life

We’re far from having seen everything when it comes to Demon Slayer. The Infinity Train film is still steamrolling through the rankings even though it only got a Japan release. Here’s, however, a very interesting piece of content as Tanjiro’s sword gets forged in real life. Funimation sponsored the video, in which a popular YouTube channel called That Works made the awesome sword come to life. It’s definitely worth watching, and their original video is embedded below:

I found it very educational, and they go about creating the sword as closely as possible to the traditional Japanese style. Although I couldn’t really memorize the Japanese terms after watching once, I really enjoyed watching how every detail of a katana is made! They also followed the anime and darkened it after polishing. (Since Tanjiro’s Nichirin Blade went black after he wielded it the first time.) Tanjiro’s sword isn’t the only one they brought to real life though. You can also find Asta’s Demon Sweller sword on their channel here, among a lot of other fun weaponry from non-anime shows.

Seeing how it might have been made, no wonder Haganezuka wanted to beat Tanjiro for breaking his sword. Not to mention Inosuke and his rocks!

Source: That Works YouTube Channel

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