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Studio Pierrot’s Akudama Drive Is A Strong Contender For Anime Of The Season

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Fall 2020 has been a great season for anime fans but there is one show which might still be considered underrated. I’m, of course, talking about Akudama Drive.

The recent episodes have surpassed everyone’s expectations with the amazing fight scenes and animation. The story was interesting from the first episode with some great surprises but it still went under many people’s radar. It was constantly ranking in the top 10 in our polls but still lacked a major boost. After the 2 latest episodes, however, it flew up to the top.

With the amazing fight sequence in Episode 5, Akudama Drive managed to secure the top position in our weekly poll. Episode 6, the latest one, surely showed that the show deserves much more audience and praise. The fight between Brawler and Executioner was one of the best build-ups I’ve seen in recent shows. Executioner managed to incapacitate Brawler each time they squared-off but he never gave up.

When they finally came across for the final battle, Brawler had the option to run away with the others. Instead, he went against the Executioner one more time.

Both of them were ready to put their lives on the line because they “enjoyed” the moment and it was beautiful to watch! The ending of the fight was also great with the Executioner’s apprentice and Hoodlum looking towards each other, this may lead to another great rivalry!

The show is still ongoing and we don’t know how it’ll end. The Akudama might’ve managed to escape for the time being but there’s an army of Executioners behind them, I can’t wait to see how it’ll all unfold. If you haven’t watched the show yet, you should definitely give it a go!

All images, as well as the thumbnail, are via official Funimation stream.

© ぴえろ・TooKyoGames/アクダマドライブ製作委員会


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