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Demon Slayer: Where to Continue the Manga After Hashira Training (Season 4)

Demon Slayer: Hashira Training Arc (Season 4) just finished airing, and here is where to continue with the manga without missing anything in case you can’t wait for the sequel movie trilogy. The anime ended exactly at the end of chapter 139, which is titled “Falling.” The Demon Slayers have already fallen to the Infinity Castle, and the final panel is the exact same scene as is in the final episode of the fourth season.

This is part of volume 16, which includes 3 more chapters as the Demon Slayers get more familiar with Muzan’s stronghold. Then the story continues with volume 17, where the arc really picks up. If you are looking to catch up, make sure to read the 3 chapters before hitting volume 17.

The Infinity Castle Arc is the longest in the manga, being comprised of 47 chapters (Entertainment District had 31, Swordsmith Village had 30). It begins at the end of volume 16 and ends with volume 21. VIZ Media describes the story of the 17th volume:
The Demon Slayer Corps plunges into Infinity Castle to confront Muzan. Shinobu engages in a fierce fight against Doma, the Upper Rank 2 demon. Poison doesn’t work on him, so she finds herself in an intense struggle. Will she be able to defeat the demon who killed her older sister?! Then another demon appears before Zenitsu and blocks his way…

The anime only hasn’t covered the Final Battle arc (Infinity Castle + Sunrise Countdown). The Sunrise Countdown ran for 22 chapters in the manga and was the final part of the series.

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