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Detroit: Become Human Game Gets Spin-Off Manga

The 2018 adventure video game Detroit: Become Human now has a spin-off manga written by Saruwatari Kazami and illustrated by Sumida Moto. The manga is being serialized on the Comic Bridge online magazine.

Detroit: Become Human game follows the story of three androids: Kara, who escaped from her owner to protect a young girl; Connor, a police investigator android who hunts down sentient androids; and Markus, whose mission is to release androids from servitude and let them free. 

The manga is set in the year 2038 and follows Reina, an android who became popular in her career as an idol. However, there is growing negative sentiment in the industry, stating that androids are taking over professions. In the midst of all this, a “mutant” android appears, one that disobeys its assigned “role” and generates its own will and emotions.
With one human girl as a thread, these “mutant” androids with free will begin to weave a revolution in Japan

Cover image of the Detroit: Become Human manga adaptation

The manga will also discuss the rise of “deviants” in the manga, which are androids who are defying other people’s orders and acting on their own.

The game is directed by David Cage, and produced by Sophie Buhl. Meanwhile, David Cage and Adam Williams are credited as writers for the game’s storyline.

Source: Comic Walker, Comic Natalie
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