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Do It Yourself Anime Releases New Trailer, Character Lineup

Do It Yourself!!, a slice-of-life anime about high school girls learning DIY life hacks, has received a new trailer, alongside the character lineup for the anime series. The main characters are Serufu, Purin, Shii, Kurei, Takumi, and Jobuko. An announcement has yet to be made for the voice actresses will voice the characters.

“Do It Yourself!!” anime series trailer

The upcoming anime series, slated for release within this year, will be animated by IMAGO and Avex Pictures. Kazuhiro Yoneda will direct the anime series, while Kazuyuki Fudeyasu will be responsible for the series’ screenplay. In addition, Yusuke Matsuo will focus on character design, and Yuka Okamoto being the art director.

The characters of the Do It Yourself!! anime series namely Serufu, Kurei, Takumi, Purin, Jobuko, and Shii

“I hope that this anime will be a relaxed and easygoing work that everyone will feel comfortable watching. I hope that viewers will look forward to it.”

Statement from director Kazuhiro Yoneda (via official website, ACN edit)

According to the official website, Do It Yourself!! tackles the story of how things can be done with a few tools and a healthy dose of friendship among these interested high schoolers. It goes on to say that they think, they devise, they struggle, they fail, but still, they do not give up and complete it with their own hands.

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