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DOGSRED Ice Hockey Manga by Golden Kamuy Author Satoru Noda Receives English Simulpub Release

Satoru Noda’s new ice hockey manga DOGSRED is receiving an English simulpub release on both the official Shonen Jump and MANGAPlus apps starting on Wednesday, November 8, 2023. DOGRSRED made its debut in Weekly Young Jump magazine earlier this year on July 27 and has since released 11 chapters.

DOGSRED by Satoru Noda

This is Noda’s second ice hockey manga in his career as an author, Supinamarada! being his first. Before creating one of the most successful seinen manga of all time in Golden Kamuy, Supinamarada! was Noda’s first manga serialization which was published in Weekly Young Jump between 2011-2012. It eventually came to an end with volume 6 (chapter 58) due to a lack of commercial success.

Weekly Young Jump originally announced earlier this year that Supinamarada! was going to be relaunched and was even supposed to debut in the spring now that Golden Kamuy has officially ended. But the magazine went in a different direction with a “new” hockey series. Despite DOGSRED being a new series, the premise of the manga is similar to Supinamarada! since the main character, Shirakawa Rou, is a former ice-skating prodigy turned hockey player and begins to learn how brutal the sport is. There is currently no news of DOGSRED receiving an English print release.

Noda began his journey into manga when he was 23, which is what led him to become a manga assistant for a decade before releasing Supinamarada! He was an assistant for authors Yasuyuki Kunitomo (The Ten Billion Man, Junk Boy) and Mitsurou Kubo (Again!!), who is also the co-creator of the popular anime series Yuri on Ice!

Despite Supinamarada!’s lack of success, Noda’s Golden Kamuy went on to win multiple awards, most recently the 2018 Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize. Golden Kamuy currently has over 25 million copies in circulation as of November 2023.

Source: Official X Account (Formerly Twitter)
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