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Fairy Tail's Hiro Mashima Gives Tips on How to Draw Breasts

We all know Hiro Mashima. He’s the mastermind behind manga such as “Fairy Tail,” “Edens Zero,” and “Rave Master”. He’s a very experienced mangaka and he decided to help out aspiring artists in their endeavors! On August 1, 2021 (known as “Breasts Day” in Japan), the artist gave some tips on how to draw breasts.

Also, you can see Hiro Mashima’s Tweet including tips on how to draw breasts below:

His Tweet roughly translates to:

Looks like today is Breasts Day, so here are some tips for beginner-level artists! Depending on the angle, the look of the character’s clothes should change.

As you can see on the image with tips on how to draw breasts Hiro Mashima uploaded on his Twitter, depending on how the character is stationed, the bra used on the drawing also “changes its appearance”. The drawings at the left follow this rule, while the drawing marked as “NG” (“no good”) doesn’t, resulting in a very weird-looking cleavage. On the left illustration, we can see that one part of the cleavage became more spacious while the other one became more cramped. This results in a natural look, unlike the left illustration in which the swimsuit area has increased.

His notes also mention that this drawing technique can be used for cocktail dresses and tank tops.

Source: Hiro Mashima’s Twitter

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