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Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Episode 17 - Take Care, Sein

The second cour of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End starts off bittersweet as episode 17 marks Sein’s departure from the new party. Despite his appearance in only five episodes, Sein undeniably made a significant impact and played a crucial role in ensuring everyone’s survival up to this point in the story. I will miss Frieren head-patting him like a kid and the common running joke of wanting a hot onee-san in the party. His moments as the mediator for the young couple were also sweet, wholesome, and at times, funny. I also think that each of us resonated with him when he shouted about how Fern and Stark should just get together already. Needless to say, Sein is a memorable role not just for Frieren and her party, but for us the viewers as well.

Frieren Episode 17 Gave a Simple Farewell to Sein

The farewell scene between Sein and the new party was simple, and yet, it really stood out, deviating from the typical climactic or dramatic anime farewell scenes. No tears were shed, no gloomy weather, and no dramatic monologues. Instead, it was a casual exchange of goodbyes, with Sein wishing everyone to take care of themselves (fitting for a priest/mediator of the party) and Frieren nonchalantly saying “Mata ne (See you again).” Perhaps this just shows Frieren’s very much accustomed nature to farewells, given that she parted ways countless times as compared to the humans she traveled with. Stark’s comment about it not being much of a farewell further emphasized this point.

Granted how Madhouse has been going above and beyond for this adaptation, having a simple farewell scene for Sein is actually nice. I’m not disappointed with how the anime portrayed it at all. While I’ll miss Sein for being a perfect fit for the party, I’m not entirely saddened by his departure. Instead, I’m happy for him and I appreciate his pursuit of personal reasons for embarking on a journey.

It serves as a reminder that when going on an adventure, one should not forget their roots and their initial motivations, as these could become a source of strength to keep moving forward. Just like how Frieren, Fern, and Stark continue their journey up north to heaven in hopes of meeting the people they cherish.

I will admit though, before the whole farewell scene while the flashbacks were being shown, I actually cried a little bit mainly because of the music behind it. The soothing humming accompanied by a mellow acoustic melody is so warm and cozy to hear– a perfect track to reminisce about all those moments in the past.

Fern Is Sick

Before reaching the magical town of Äußerst where the First Class Mage Exam will take place, Fern falls ill and the journey gets a little break. This may seem like another filler to cover the whole second half of the episode, but it actually unfolds with significant elements and more parallels from the past. What captivates me about this one is not only Frieren reminiscing about Fern’s childhood, but also the parallelism of Himmel comforting Frieren similarly back then. Despite Fern’s teenage embarrassment, a common reaction to being pampered, it’s precisely what she needed for her to calm down.

In essence, the second half of the episode was filled with wholesomeness, mixed with amusing moments such as Stark’s comical panic when Frieren adopts a witch-like persona. It’s also refreshing to see a different side of Fern being the nuisance for once. I’m not saying that’s bad or anything but beyond her pouts and petty actions, her vulnerability reveals that every member of Frieren’s party has their weaknesses and it makes them unique, likable, and relatable.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End episode 17’s latter half also functions as a quiet interlude before the impending storm of an action-packed arc because judging from the trailers and new cast introduction, the anticipation is building for what promises to be thrilling and dynamic. I for sure cannot wait to see how Madhouse will cook the rest of the anime’s second cour.

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© Yamada Kanehito, Abe Tsukasa / Shogakukan / “Sousou no Freiren” Production Committee

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