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Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Episode 7 - The Calm Before the Storm

Episode 7 of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End titled “Like a Fairy Tale,” goes deep into the story, leaving us with some serious thoughts about life in general. In this episode, Frieren and her party pass by a town celebrating the “Liberation Festival,” which commemorates the day the Hero’s Party freed the town from demons. Frieren, being an elf with a whole bunch of time on her hands, can’t help but wonder why humans turn every little thing into a celebration and why it’s so important to remember such events.

Elves like her don’t quite get it because they’ve got all the time in the world. But for humans, it’s all about keeping those memories alive for the next generation. Humans celebrate these festivals so that when those who initially witnessed the events are gone, future generations can still remember. Himmel makes a remarkable point about how he doesn’t want their statues just to show off his handsomeness, but also to ensure that Frieren won’t be lonely. It serves as a reminder that the adventures and the moments made aren’t just some fairy tale, but genuine experiences that can last a lifetime.

With their super long lifespans, they’re not always in a hurry to get things done. They can just sleep or waste a whole day and it wouldn’t affect them whatsoever. This is why when Frieren gets up early, Fern and Stark are surprised and impressed and they ‘reward’ her. Frieren also mentions that elves are becoming an endangered species as they barely experience any romantic feelings or reproductive instincts. They’ve got so much time on their hands that they just can’t be bothered with these things anymore.

These subtle reflections on the concept of time and how one perceives it with an infinite amount is one of the things that make this series interesting. Frieren might see things differently from the folks she meets, but despite her stoic demeanor and perception, it’s heartwarming to see her gradually understand and accept what time means to a human.

Fern and Stark’s Chemistry

You know what they say, opposites attract. Fern and Stark, despite them having two contrasting natures, have some great chemistry going on, and in Frieren episode 7 they continue to deliever. Fern’s deadpan and serious personality perfectly complements Stark’s meekness. And sometimes, it’s the other way around as well, like how Fern was eagerly excited when Frieren got up early while Stark didn’t bother at all. These two always crack me up after the show gets all deep and their interactions provide a great comic relief after intense narrative moments. Not to mention, we haven’t seen Stark and Fern in tandem during battle and the next arc will definitely be a great opportunity to showcase their synergy. 

Frieren Episode 7 Is a Great Intro for What’s About To Come

The portrayal of demons in Frieren’s world is unique. Unlike many other fantasy shows where demons are portrayed as constantly in a frenzy, craving human flesh, here, they display a cunning wit in luring their prey. They use speech not to understand but to deceive, making it not just a brute strength matchup but also a psychological warfare element between humans and demons. The demons’ attempt to exploit the concept of family, dear to humans, even though they lack such bonds, shows their devious and evil nature. However, they met their match in Frieren and the episode’s closing line, delivered by Atsumi Tanezaki, despite a deadpan voice, still sends shivers down the spine.

In the grand scheme of things, episode 7 of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End felt like the calm before the storm. It served as an excellent introduction to the upcoming “Aura the Guillotine” arc, offering a sneak peek into the adversary’s abilities and manipulation skills. However, amidst all the action and intrigue, the episode continued to showcase the breathtaking landscapes and deepened our understanding of the ever-fascinating concept of time, both from the human perspective and Frieren’s unique point of view. As Frieren learns closer to the intricacies of human perception of time, we, in turn, gain more insight into her own perception.

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