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Fruits Basket The Final Episode 10 - An End to the Rivalry

After a slight airing delay due to the French Open, Fruits Basket: The Final episode 10 arrived to hit us right in the feels. With numerous conflicts resolved in this episode, the conclusion of the series feels more imminent than ever. Thankfully, it looks like the ending is going to be a happy one. And let’s be honest, these characters deserve it after all the hardships they’ve endured.

Despite some heavy scenes, this episode was also full of moments of humor and levity – a nice reprieve from all the dramatic, tear-jerking episodes we’ve received recently. Haru nonchalantly ordering pizza and nuggets while Yuki and Kyo brawl upstairs was highly amusing. His oddball personality never fails to bring a smile to my face. Perhaps the funniest moment though is when Kakeru calls out the fact that Yuki sees Tohru as a mother figure to the entire Student Council. Though the conversation in which Yuki originally said this was quite touching, it admittedly sounds pretty bad out of context. I am a little sad we didn’t get to see more of Hanajima in this episode. I know she’s never been a central character, but I can’t help but adore every scene she’s in.

Arisa and Kureno reunite

Arisa visits Kureno in hospital after finding out about his condition from Akito. She finally understands what was in the way of her and Kureno’s relationship, and she feels understandably saddened by it. After all, Kureno put his feelings for Arisa on hold for the benefit of another woman. Furthermore, while Akito and Kureno have shared a lifetime of memories together, she’s only spent a single day with the guy. But rather than run away embarrassed, Arisa remains steadfast in her feelings for Kureno, vowing to stay by his side wherever he goes. While I’m still not totally sold on their relationship due to how fast it developed, it was nonetheless a sweet scene.

Yuki and Kyo’s final confrontation

The highlight of this episode was the argument between Yuki and Kyo. Fights between Yuki and Kyo are nothing new. The pair have been engaging in fisticuffs and verbal showdowns since the start of season one. However, this fight seemed to mark an end to the rivalry between the two. The confrontation occurs because Yuki finds Kyo packing a bag in his bedroom, intending on running away. Yuki is infuriated at the thought that, as Tohru lies injured in the hospital, Kyo would further wound her by suddenly disappearing. And honestly, I’m right there with you, Yuki. While watching this scene, part of me wanted to yell at Kyo for being so dense.

“I wanted to be you!”

I had to remind myself of just how deep Kyo’s insecurity and sense of self-loathing runs. After all the disdain and abuse he’s experienced at the hands of others, he truly believes Tohru would be better off without him. While I thought the kiss they shared last episode signified Kyo’s acceptance of her feelings, seeing her injured must have really done a number on him. Thankfully Yuki is there to talk (or rather, shout) some sense into him. He points out the ludicrousness of Kyo blaming himself for being unable to prevent Tohru’s fall. This causes Kyo to finally admit the feelings of jealousy he’s felt towards Yuki since they were young.

How does Yuki respond to this confession? He punches Kyo of course – several times. I always find it interesting how Yuki is so measured and passive with everyone else but becomes violent and hot-headed around Kyo. Following his violent outburst, Yuki tells Kyo that he also wanted to be like him, and admired him greatly. Their interaction illustrates how easily a simple misunderstanding can lead to years of hatred and resentment. Kyo resented Yuki based on the fact that he was adored by both Akito and the Soma clan, and Yuki resented Kyo because of how carefree he seemed. Of course, their realities were quite different from the visions each one had concocted of the other.

“You made Honda-san smile”

Yuki ends their confrontation by giving Kyo a very passionate pep talk. He reminds Kyo of his value in Tohru’s life and tells him bluntly to get his act together. Nobunaga Shimazaki gives a fantastic performance here, full of emotion and intensity. Given their turbulent history, I feel like Yuki is the only one who could get through to Kyo on this issue. After all, Yuki has never been one to stifle his true feelings around Kyo. Of course, the pep talk wouldn’t be complete without Yuki calling him a “dumb cat”.

Kyo visits his father

Before he takes Yuki’s advice on being with Tohru, Kyo decides there’s something else he needs to do first: visit his father. After all the trauma Kyo’s father has inflicted on him, I’m surprised he would want to visit him at all. But I suppose for Kyo, it’s a necessary step for him to move on and be happy with Tohru. Kyo’s father comes across as a madman and drunkard. Not only does he demand Kyo admit he was responsible for his mom’s death, but he threatens to have him immediately locked away for it. But Kyo refuses. He’s resolved himself to being free and pursuing a relationship with Tohru. His father’s crazed ranting causes Kyo to have an epiphany. Remembering all the emotional abuse his mother endured, Kyo realizes it was not him that pushed his mother to suicide, but his father.

Seeing Akito show compassion towards others is something I don’t think I’ll ever get used to. After two and half seasons of pure villainy, her sudden kindness and remorsefulness is a little hard to swallow. In Fruits Basket: The Final episode 10, not only does Akito express deep regret for stabbing Kureno – she also vows to destroy The Cat’s Place, giving Kyo his freedom. Additionally, it seems like she’s considering leaving the Soma Estate herself.

Another love confession in the works?

I was hoping we’d get to see more of Yuki in this episode. His storylines this season have kind of taken a backseat to all the Tohru, Kyo, and Akito drama. However, we do get a nice scene foreshadowing a love confession in the next episode. Yuki receives a call from Machi saying she wants to give him something. His eyes light up and he practically sprints out of the house to go and meet her. While Kyo and Tohru’s budding relationship takes center stage in the series, it would be nice to see some development between Yuki and Machi.

The episode ends with Kyo approaching the hospital to meet Tohru upon her release. Internally, he’s questioning if she’ll accept him and if his feelings for her are strong enough. But this all melts away upon seeing her, and he admits to himself that he loves her like crazy. Tohru, being Tohru, gets embarrassed and runs away at lightning speed, with Kyo chasing after her. It was a pleasantly light-hearted end to the episode.

You can watch Fruits Basket: The Final episode 10 on Crunchyroll and Funimation. You can also vote for it in our weekly poll. The next episode airs on June 14 and is titled “Goodbye”. Will this goodbye be a happy one or a sad one?

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