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Fruits Basket The Final Episode 12 Preview Images Released

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Fruits Basket: The Final is nearing its end, with only two episodes left to air, at the time of writing. The Fruits Basket official Japanese Twitter posted the preview images for Fruits Basket: The Final episode 12 on June 18, 2021. It looks like this episode will tie up some of the loose ends left behind by the last episode.

You can view the full Twitter post for the Fruits Basket: The Final episode 12 preview images here:

Fruits Basket: The Final episode 12 preview images

In last week’s episode, not only did we finally found out the origin of the Zodiac curse, but the curse broke for the rest of the Soma clan. That is, for everyone except Yuki. Given the way episode 10 ended, with Yuki running to meet Machi, it can only be assumed that his curse will break when he’s with her. The preview images seem to back this up. It looks like we’ll get a romantic scene between the pair. Yuki and Machi’s budding relationship haven’t been a major focus this season, so it will be nice to see the two get some screentime.

We’ll also be getting another scene with God, from the story of the original curse. From the looks of things, this scene will serve as a final goodbye to the Zodiac curse. In addition to these images, Oricon News shared some other preview images on their site. It seems like we’ll be getting at least one scene featuring Ritsu and Ayame – both of whom haven’t received much screentime this season. Both characters provide comic relief every time they’re on screen, so perhaps that means this episode will be a more light-hearted one.

You can view the other preview images below:

Fruits Basket: The Final episode 12 will be available to watch on Crunchyroll and Funimation on June 21, 2021. The next episode is titled “You Fought Well”.

Source: Official Fruits Basket Twitter, Oricon News Twitter


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