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Fruits Basket the Final: Episode 8 - Kyo Confesses

In this week’s episode 8 of Fruits Basket: the Final, things progress between Kyo and Tohru, and one of the season’s major plot points is resolved. Every episode seems to ramp up in intensity, and this one is no exception. It’s clear that the series’ ending is drawing ever closer, with each episode delivering new revelations and developments for the characters.

“Do you…love me?”

Episode 8 of Fruits Basket: the Final picks up where last week’s episode left off. Tohru stops Kyo as he is about to go outside, saying “there’s something I need to tell you”. But Kyo turns the question around on Tohru, bluntly asking her if she loves him. Tohru’s gasp and blushing face is the only confirmation Kyo needs. The scene is set perfectly for a dramatic love confession, with rain pouring down outside the Soma household. But that’s not what happens. Instead, Kyo has some harsh words for Tohru. He questions why she picked him of all people to fall in love with, before saying “I thought you loved your mom best”.

These words likely cut deep for Tohru, who has struggled with her feelings for Kyo because of her need to preserve her mom’s memory. However, it’s unsurprising that Kyo would bring this up, given the guilt he feels surrounding the death of Tohru’s mom. And we soon find out why he feels so guilty.

Kyo and Kyoko’s friendship

Kyo walks outside, with Tohru worriedly following after him. With both of them standing in the pouring rain, Kyo confesses everything: that he knew Tohru’s mom, and that he could’ve prevented her death. He explains that he met Tohru’s mom, Kyoko, around the time Shisho took him in. We get a flashback in which young Kyo tells Kyoko that his mom is dead and his father wants him dead. Kyo, still reeling from the emotional trauma of his upbringing, takes solace in Kyoko’s words of comfort and positive attitude. And so the two become friends, who talk regularly. It’s during this time that Kyo hears about Kyoko’s precious daughter, Tohru.

Kyoko’s death

In the following scene, Kyo explains what happened on the day that Kyoko died. Upon seeing the car swerve towards her, he thought about pulling her to safety, but hesitated, remembering he’d turn into a cat. Kyo’s self-loathing is apparent as ever during this scene, as he chastises himself for putting his life before another person’s. Kyo’s emotionally abusive childhood continues to impact his self-perception and his relationship with others. His confession to Tohru is painful to watch, especially due to the heart-wrenching performance by Kyo’s voice actor, Yuma Uchida.

Kyo tells Tohru that Kyoko’s dying words to him were “I’ll never forgive you”, and that she shouldn’t either. However, Tohru, with her boundless compassion, decides that she must rebel against her mom’s words. She tells Kyo that she loves him no matter what. Kyo’s response cuts like a knife – “I’m disappointed in you”. As Kyo runs away, Yuki comes out of the house and takes off after him. The episode ends with Akito arriving at the Soma house in front of Tohru, brandishing a knife. Tohru is now alone, with an unhinged and murderous Akito. We’ll have to wait until the next episode to see if this encounter ends in tragedy.

Looking back at season 1, when Kyo and Tohru’s relationship could be boiled down to a playful tsundere / deredere dynamic, its shocking to see how much has changed between the pair. While the series never hesitated to deliver emotional and poignant scenes, the story has gotten increasingly darker. With only 5 episode left in the season, hopefully we’ll get to see some kind of happy ending.

You can watch episode 8 of Fruits Basket: the Final on Crunchyroll and Funimation. You can also vote for it in our weekly poll. The next episode airs on May 31 and is titled “What’s Your Name?”

All images are via the Fruits Basket: the Final episode 8 stream on Crunchyroll.

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