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Gachiakuta Manga Gets a Trailer; Overseas Version in the Works

Kei Urana’s Gachiakuta manga series received a special trailer ahead of the third volume’s release date, which is set for September 16. BEEWORKS GAMES, Kodansha, and Weekly Shonen Magazine are credited for the art.

The manga began serialization in February of this year in the Weekly Shonen Magazine. The first volume was released on May 17 and the second on July 15. Kei Urana is both drawing the art and writing the story, which has gathered positive reactions from the readers. There has been no official English translation yet, but the author tweeted on her personal account, stating that it was in the works:

The plot follows Rudo, a boy who lives with his foster father in a slum at the edge of a wealthy city. Rudo spends his time trying to salvage what he can from other people’s trash, which eventually ends up in the “Abyss” – a hole that is used for dumping the trash. However, it’s not just trash that gets thrown into the Abyss, as people sometimes end up in there too if their actions are deemed unacceptable to society. Rudo’s father was one such case, after he got accused of murder.

One day Rudo returns home to his foster father dying in their home. He is immediately arrested and thrown into the Abyss. But, instead of dying he finds himself surrounded by strange monsters, made entirely out of trash. He is soon attacked but a mysterious man called Engine jumps in to save him. Engine reveals that he is a “cleaner” and that his goal is to get out of the abyss. Rudo has no choice but to join him…

Engine is gracing the cover of Gachiakuta Volume 3:

Source: Weekly Shonen Magazine YouTube Channel
Gachiakuta ©Kei Urana, Kodansha

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