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Ganbare Douki-chan Doujin to Be Published as a Book

Yom’s Ganbare Douki-chan doujin series will be published as a book. The first volume will have three versions, one in regular, A5 size, and others the same size as the doujin, B5. The B5 version will also have a special edition, which will bundle a character’s staff ID card with a newly drawn illustration.

The Ganbare Douki-chan manga normal edition reads Ganbare Douki-chan, while the bigger one has a title Ookii! Ganbare Douki-chan, literally meaning Big! Ganbare Douki-chan. All of them will be out on December 28, 2021.

The 132 page length manga will be available for all ages, just like the doujin. You can see the cover for the first volume below. Douki-chan and her colleague stand back to back, but she tries to look at him.

Ganbare Douki-chan Manga Volume 1 on Melonbooks

The green banner says a project exclusive to Melonbooks is in progress.

Ganbare Douki-chan was originally posted as an illustration on Twitter, but it became a serialization on the platform. The author has been turning the series into compiled thin books, doujin, of which volume 5 released on August 14, 2021 on Melonbooks and Toranoana.

Above all, the series received an anime adaptation and it’s currently streaming this season.

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Source: Melonbooks


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