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Yoimiya and Sayu From Genshin Impact Get Character Demos

The fun at Inazuma never ends! Just as the Ayaka banner reaches its end, Genshin Impact prepares to release two new characters, Yoimiya and Sayu, into the game. These charming characters are soon to be new additions to the game’s roster. Consequently, both got exciting new character demos for all to appreciate!

Yoimiya and Sayu are the latest additions to the Genshin Impact roster!

Dazzling Lights in the Summer – Genshin’s Impact Yoimiya

Yoimiya blazes her way onto the scene with her new character demo! It can be viewed in the link below:

Yoimiya’s character demo does an excellent job of capturing her jolly, excitable nature! The entire video trembles with energy. At first, she is shown helping her friends with everyday activities. Then, as thugs appear in the distance, she readies herself for battle. Her fiery, chipper attitude is on full display as she combats the villains of Inazuma. Her abilities as a Pyro archer are nothing short of spectacular!

Yoimiya’s fiery personality is the highlight of the demo!

Even in the middle of battle, she manages to find a short reprieve to admire the beauty of fireworks. As the night sky is lit up by the brilliant lights, she can’t help but be awed in wonder. She does this, of course, all before unleashing her elemental burst and putting an end to the thugs she was battling!

The demo ends on a rather cute note, with Yoimiya’s chatty nature being the butt of the joke. Does she ever stop talking? Who’s to say?

Yoohoo Art; Mujina Escape

A few days prior, the adorable ninja Sayu also got her own character demo! Her demo can be viewed in the video below:

Sayu is a reconnaissance ninja with a knack for a nap! She can be seen in the demo doing recon work, looking out for a shrine maiden. Upon finishing her job, she declares that it is bedtime.

Sayu, the sleepy ninja!

In-game, Sayu appears to be a claymore wielding Anemo character! In the demo, she rolls into battle, trampling the opponents that stand in her way. When in a pinch, she then summons her Daruma, which appears to aid her in combat. After a successful bout on the battlefield, the tiny ninja drowsily signs off, asking if she can go back to sleep.

Tapestry of Golden Flames

Both of these new characters look like such delightful and charming additions to Genshin Impact! While their character design has received a lot of praise, the work done for their voice acting deserves recognition as well! The vocal talents of English VA Jenny Yokobori and Japanese VA Kana Euda in particular do great work bringing Yoimiya’s high-octane personality to life. At the same time, English VA Lily Ki (LilyPichu) and Japanese VA Aya Suzaki capture Sayu’s sleepy demeanor to a tee.

Yoimiya and Sayu will be available on the Tapestry of Golden Flames banner! Yoimiya will be the five-star character on rate up. On the other hand, Sayu will be one of the four-star characters on the rate up alongside Diona and Xinyan.

The Tapestry of Golden Flames banner comes out on August 10th, 2021! Good luck to all of you out there rolling for Yoimiya and Sayu in Genshin Impact!

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