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Giant Beasts of Ars Original Anime Set For January 2023, Gets Teaser Visual and Trailer

Giant Beasts of Ars original TV anime is coming in January 2023, and the first visual and trailer have been released. Studio ASAHI Production is in charge of the production in collaboration with DMM Pictures, with Akira Oguro as the director. You can watch the teaser trailer:

Giant Beasts of Ars – Anime Teaser Trailer

Also check out the teaser visual:

Giant Beasts of Ars – Anime Teaser Visual

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Besides the director Akira Oguro, the main staff for Giant Beasts of Ars includes:

  • Original Character Design: Ashito Oyari
  • Series Composition and Script: Norimitsu Kaiho
  • Character Design: Hiroshi Shimizu, Masato Kato
  • Music: Shuji Katayama, Akinari Suzuki

The cast includes Hina Youmiya as Kumi, Toshiyuki Morikawa as Jiro, Yu Serizawa as Mia, Hiromu Mineta as Meran, and Yoko Hikasa as Romana. The characters are listed below (left to right from the cast above).

The story is described:
The great beasts created the earth, and the humans stole the earth that they created.
The beasts became angry and devoured humans, and humans called upon the gods to fight back.
It is the age of swords. The age of heroes. The age of myth.

In a world where “Giant Beasts” that cause great damage run rampant,
people hunt the beasts and use the remains to prosper.

Jiro, a mortal who earns his daily bread by hunting Giant Beasts, is chased by someone.
He meets “Twenty and Two Kumi,” who is also being chased by someone.
He puts aside his past sorrows and sets out to save her.

The human empire’s intentions, mysterious experiments, and the giant beasts that attack. Jiro and his friends are closing in on the secret of the world towards the promised time…

Source: Official Twitter
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