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Go Camping With the New Tenitol x Laid-Back Camp Figures

Three new Tenitol x Laid-Back Camp figures are available for pre-order and getting them is important to your peace of mind, here’s why. Evolution is one hell of a process, when a species spends the majority of its earthly time alongside something, only to then be removed from it, it never works well. Humanity evolved alongside nature. We actually need to have open fields, woodlands, and clear skies for our own well-being. That’s why all those days spent in traffic and concrete jungles tend to stress us out. It’s not the environment we’re supposed to be in.

Spending time in nature boosts our health. The Laid-Back Camp girls know this by heart. And with the newly announced FuRyu Tenitol x Yuru Camp figures, you have a foolproof reason to go camping. Shipping between 2025’s first and second quarters. The beautiful (and affordable) figures run from $56.99 for Nadeshiko and Rin and $69.99 for Ayano. Best of all, all three girls sport figure original outfits!

Currently in its third season, Laid-Back Camp makes absolutely sure to live up to its name. Being the kind of show that waltzes into your life, looks at all the things plaguing you, and immediately attacks them, Laid-Back Camp is, without doubt, one of the comfiest anime out there. Currently boasting three seasons, a short-form OVA, a movie, and games, the show can nicely be summed up as “cute girls go camping.” The show is a beautiful love note to the joy of camping, the outdoors, and going that extra mile for nothing more than a breathtaking view. All things most people need in their life.

Best of all, where the extroverts of other shows always try to change the loner with the power of friendship. Laid-Back Camp is one of the few shows where the extrovert takes the opposite role and decides not only to give a solitary character the space they want but also decides to try the loner life themselves. If more people did that, the world would be a better place. But, for now, at least make your life a better one. Pick up one, or all of the new Tenitol x Laid-Back Camp figures.

Source: Good Smile Company Teniton Rin Figure, Good Smile Company Nadeshiko Figure, Big Bad Toy Story Ayano Figure
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