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Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Trailer Released

Developers SHIFT UP and publisher Level Infinite have presented a new post-apocalypse mobile shooter game titled Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, set to release globally on iOS and Android mobile devices sometime in 2022. Featuring fully modeled 3D characters, all of whom are thus far shown to be pretty anime girls with large guns, the trailer alone promises plenty of action for fans of any of the above.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Official Trailer

The story presented in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is one of hope seen at the end of the world. An alien force descended upon the world, driving humans below ground. Many years later, a group of humanoid weapons, codenamed Nikke, a name derived from the Greek Goddess of Victory, awaken in the Ark, humanity’s new home. These humanoids, taking the form of lovely girls wielding powerful weapons, race to the surface to fulfill humanity’s hopes and dreams to retake their world from the alien invaders.

In Ark, only the top three manufacturing companies are allowed to create Nikke: Elysion, Missilis Industry, and Tetra Line:

Elysion Nikke Units
Missilis Industry Nikke Units
Tetra Line Nikke Units

Though a fourth unit type has been revealed: Pilgrim:

Pilgrim Nikke Unit

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is said to be an “immersive story-driven adventure”, with incredible graphics and smooth, dynamic movements, which complement the combat style, wherein the playable characters take part in fire fights from behind cover. Each unit is said to have unique weapons and skills, allowing for more strategy and unique gameplay, so as lovely as the characters appear, they are more than they appear. Players can build the perfect team, develop their favorite characters, and complete missions, all to save humanity, and look good while doing it.

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