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Gushing Over Magical Girls Episode 12 - Don't Say Godzilla

Gushing Over Magical Girls episode 12 shows that contrary to religious belief, paradise isn’t something that awaits you after death. It’s not something you get after a devoted life. The promised land isn’t a chunk of desert that’s currently a war zone. It’s found between Magia Azure’s legs.

This Could Have Been An Email…

Nothing sucks more than having to attend a meeting that could have been an email. In-person meetings are so pre-2020. The fact that these survived COVID-19 when so much other stuff didn’t is a lamentable fact. Only incompetent managers need in-person meetings. And as the new Enormita meets at Nacht Base, half of them realize that they might have a bad manager.

With Lord Enorme out of the way, Magia Baiser is now the top dog in Enormita. She’s the shiny Charizard among a deck of magikarps. But much like Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings lamenting that he’s king because of other people’s actions. Magia Baiser/Utena sits on a throne she doesn’t want because of the actions of others.

What was supposed to be an Enormita strategy meeting is thrown to the wayside by Utena’s worry over her possibly breaking Magia Azure. Matama mentions that Utena’s mental troubles are unfounded. Magia Azure seems to be stronger than ever. Her glow-up makes her a significant threat to Enormita. But instead of worrying about this new development. Utena rushes out to see Magia Azure. Leaving the rest of Enormita angry over having to attend a meeting that could have easily been an email.

Domain Expansion: The Gates of Heaven

As Gushing Over Magical Girls episode 12 continues, to Utena’s luck, she helps Tres Magia’s golems fix the city. Magia Azure approaches her and strikes up a conversation. And Utena is overjoyed that she seems to be doing quite well. Azure mentions it’s her duty to help fix the city. After all, Tres Magia was supposed to protect it. But they did as good a job of that as Funimation did at streaming Interspecies Reviewers. Regardless, Azure promises Utena that destruction like that will never happen again. Tres Magia are MEN! And they’ll get the crown; save the town and Mr. Krabs!

At this, Utena bursts into tears, rejoicing at the resilience of Magia Azure. Here, we see the pitfalls of idolizing someone. Utena has such an inflated notion of Magia Azure (and Tres Magia in general) that she’s only thinking about what Magia Azure, the magical girl, can withstand. Sure, Magia Azure, the magical girl, can take a beating. She can even put up and overcome repeated assaults.

But what about the girl behind Magia Azure? Sayo, as viewers know, ain’t doing so hot. Utena, however, fails to see this point of view. She erroneously believes she can prod and poke Magia Azure as a villain. And it will always result in growth.

As Magia Azure thanks Utena for her hard work. She stretches to shove away her fatigue. Utena can’t help but be drawn in by her Mount Fuji-sized sweater stretchers. And like a lion seeing an unsupervised baby gazelle, she swoops in and get handsy with Azure via a back massage. Magia Azure gets kneaded like New York pizza dough, and gets a feeling that what’s happening feels familiar. Not being able to restrain herself any longer, Utena gives into her lust, soon finding herself rubbing the other voluptuous part of Magia Azure.

Azure isn’t too thrilled about this but doesn’t fight back. She even seems to be enjoying it. This inaction and reaction leads to Utena running wild. As she firmly lines up Azure’s danger zone with her face. She tries to dive into that most beckoning of scenes.

Here’s a depressing fact. One rarely talk about due to the heavy stigma associated with it. During cases of assault, it’s common for the victim to display varying degrees of arousal. That’s not a sign that they’re enjoying it. That’s the body responding to stimulation in a natural way. Consent isn’t intertwined with the body’s ability to procreate or to be aroused. This unfortunate issue causes even more trauma and distress, as it makes victims believe that there’s something wrong with them for reacting that way.

That’s not true. They’re victims; their bodies were just doing what they evolved to do. Magia Azure, in her current state of mind. And due to her circumstances, gets excited over what’s happening. But it’s far from healthy excitement. As Utena realizes she’s going too far and runs away, Azure wonders if there’s a link between Utena and Magia Baiser.

Gushing Over Magical Girls Episode 12: It’s Gojira!!!!! But Actually, No.

Now, mistakenly believing that she can torment Tres Magia as much as she wants & they’ll always rise above it. Utena (Magia Baiser) calls a meeting and lets the rest of Enormita know their job is now to harass magical girls. After, to keep morale high. Utena takes Kiwi and Korisu to a toy store so that Alice can replace the toys she lost during their previous battle.

There, they run into Haruka and her little sisters. As Utena and Alice play nice with an unrecognized enemy. Kiwi presents Korisu with a transformation stick and a kaiju. Two Japanese time-honored staples. While at first Korisu is less than impressed by these offerings. She soon takes a liking to them to an extreme degree. So much so that she transforms into Nero Alice, and turns her toy into a real kaiju.

As Tres Magia arrives at the scene to stop the chaos, Nero Alice transforms Magia Magenta into a kaiju-sized woman. Magia Magenta fights godzila (it’s not a misspelling, it’s to avoid copyright.) Her main worry is that people will see her panties. Completely overlooking that just a few weeks ago. She paraded herself wearing nothing but pasties at a children’s park.

Seeing an opportunity to protect Nero Alice and maybe win the fight. Magia Baiser, and Leoparde try to undress Magia Magenta in order to distract her. Tres Magia tries to stop them by also undressing Magia Magenta. And the kaiju continues attacking while also trying to undress Magia Magenta. But no one succeeds.

We can send a man to the moon, yet we can’t undress Magia Magenta. But as the rest of Tres Magia fight the Enormita girls and tear off Magia Magenta’s panties in the process. Magia Magenta decides enough is enough & sends Enormita flying into the sky A La Team Rocket. And with that, Gushing Over Magical Girls episode 12 calls it a day.

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