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Haikyu!! Manga Has Ended

The hit volleyball manga series by Haruichi Furudate, Haikyu!! is officially ending this July 20, 2020, and will end with chapter 402. It was first serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in February 2012 and ran for 8 and a half years of serialization.

The author Haruichi Furudate also released his final comment in Weekly Shonen Jump after Haikyu!!’s completion.

“I was super super lucky to get serialized in a magazine full of monsters! Thank youuuuuuu!!”

While other famous authors in Jump also gave their congratulations to Furudate.

Boichi (the artist of Dr. STONE) said “Let’s celebrate the ending of amazing works and congratulate our colleagues so we help them by keeping their seats warm until the day they finally return”.
Horikoshi (the author of My Hero Academia) said “I’m glad I was able to fight against Furudate-sensei in Jump. Congratulations on the completion of Haikyu!!”.
Gege (the author of Jujutsu Kaisen) said “Congratulations on the completion of your series, Furudate-sensei! Shiiiiratorizawa Popon Bom Popon!”
Yabuki (the author of Ayakashi Triangle) said “My goal was to be in Jump by the moment Kochikame returned. And thank you for your hard work, Furudate-sensei!”.
Tabata (the author of Black Clover) said “Your series inspired and cheered me up every week!! Furudate-sensei, thank you so much for giving us Haikyu!!”.
Tsutsui (the author of We Never Learn said) “Furudate-sensei, thank you for all the emotions you made us feel. Thank you for your hard work!”.
Yoshifumi (the author of Undead Unluck) said “I am here today thanks to the award I received from Furudate-sensei. Thank you so much”.

Congratulations on the amazing run, and thank you for all the memories, Furudate Sensei!

Source:  Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 33/34

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