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Hamefura Season 2 Episode 6: A Ghost From the Past

Another Hamefura episode, another flashback. Hamefura Season 2 Episode 6 continues the streak of flashback episodes. In this episode, Katarina, Sophia, and Mary tell their tale of their summer adventure to Maria.

Hamefura became a moe anime. Seven friends, looking for a ghost in order for them to play peacefully outside. That’s it, that’s their wild summer adventure in a nutshell. They also did a bunch of shenanigans like climbing trees, catching bugs, playing in the streams for instance like in any other moe anime. Even though they didn’t find the ghost, what they did find is far scarier, at least for Katarina.

Other than that, Geordo is consistently making moves at Katarina. In this episode, it was his plan to have a summer vacation with Katarina which lead to her talking about the past. Unfortunately for him, the rest of Katarina’s harem will always be there to thwart his plans. The episode concluded with the whole group together, watching fireworks and not a single hint of what’s to come next.

A New Side of Katarina

Despite this season portraying Katarina as dense as ever, she finally gets to worry about something that is real I should say. As her graduation to the Magic Academy is drawing near, she worries about her future specifically, marriage. It’s nice to see this side of Katarina being serious about what’s coming. We can all see her mature side for once and not her gluttonous and oblivious one.

As an anime-only, I simply don’t know where the series is taking us. Hopefully, the multiple flashback episodes will all connect or lead us to something thrilling. Don’t get me wrong however, flashback episodes are great since they give characters more depth. Knowing their pasts also connects us with the characters more. However, too much of it can sometimes lead to people dropping the show.

Hamefura Season 2 Episode 6 is out now in Crunchyroll. All screenshots here are taken from the site as well.
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