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The Duke of Death and His Maid Episode 6: The Witches' Sabbath

Episode 6 of the rom-com series The Duke of Death and His Maid finally premiered, and the Duke and Alice are both going to attend the witches’ sabbath! They will also uncover some of the secrets behind the Duke’s curse as well as deal with Alice’s personal business with the witches. Also, please be aware of spoiler-filled content.

The series never fails to make us smile every time we watch it. We received another episode that’s fully loaded with happiness. The adorable relationship keeps floating in the air. Not only that, but we also get to uncover some of the secrets behind the Duke’s curse. Now, the series is finally starting to get serious as it enters a whole new arc!

Smooth Gardening

While the Duke wanted to read in the mansion’s conservatory, a whole bunch of scattered leaves and overgrown branches greeted him. But with the Duke’s curse, he can easily clear all of the weeds in one touch. He realized that ever since he was a young boy, the witch already had him in her control.

Meanwhile, Alice spotted a group of beautiful flowers waiting to be withered for cleaning. While the Duke can easily wither those flowers, he decided to turn them into dried flowers and create a garland for Alice! The witch indeed cursed the young Duke, but he will never let himself be controlled by some cowardly witch!

The Witches’ Sabbath

In the previous episode, Caph and Zain invited the Duke to the witches’ sabbath on the next blood moon. And now, that blood moon has risen and it is time for the Duke and Alice to enter the realm of witches!

Zain magically inscribed unusual markings in the hidden mirror at the back of the room and it instantly turned into a portal. And as they entered, the Duke felt terrified around the ferocious witches scattered around.

Secrets of the Curse

As the witches’ sabbath started, a familiar-looking witch came floating from the sky. She looks like the same person who touched Alice when they visited the town festival.

But who knew that this person actually knows the witch responsible for the Duke’s curse. What’s more, she said that this witch had already died! Without its source, how do you think would the Duke be able to free himself from this curse?

You can watch episode 6 of The Duke of Death and His Maid here on Funimation. Once you’re done watching, you could read more features on Anime Corner as well.

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