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Hatsune Miku Airport As Possible New Name For Sapporo Airport

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All of us otakus have heard of Hatsune Miku or Vocaloid in general. Since it’s been around in the anime community for a long time, and some of us are still fans of them. So Hatsune Miku fans, we have some potential good news for you! A small airport in Sapporo City called “Okadama Airport” may change its name to “Hatsune Miku Airport”!

Okadama Airport to change its name to Hatsune Miku Airport!
Okadama Airport of Sapporo

This is according to a news report by Traffic News. The name is one of the several proposed names for the airport, whoever proposed that should get a raise! In addition, if it got picked it would be a nod to Crypton Future Media, a Sapporo-based company that developed Hatsune Miku and the other Vocaloids!

V2 Illustration of Hatsune Miku

For now, only small aircrafts are allowed in the airport, but they did say that there have plans to develop it into a full-fledged airport. Imagine going to Sapporo, Japan, and landing at an airport named Hatsune Miku Airport. That would be an awesome start to your Japan trip!

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Source: Traffic News JP, Livedoor News
© Crypton Future Media, INC.

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