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Anime Fans Receive Legal Copyright Strikes For Posting Screenshots And Fan-arts On Twitter

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On January 8, 2021, Shueisha issued multiple copyright strikes to an enormous number of Twitter accounts. Fans started getting copyright strikes for as much as sharing images or gifs related to shows like One Piece or Dragon Ball. Not only that but even an artist paid by Shueisha who made official Dragon Ball artworks got one. Moreover, thanks to that the hashtag “Shueisha” is currently trending in Japan.

You can see some tweets related to the issue below:

Tweet of a Shueisha employee who made official Dragon Ball artworks
The Library of Ohara Youtube channel

One of the countless Twitter users who are anime fans made a small list of the shows you should avoid posting stuff from:

What’s more, Shueisha copyright strikes at fans and the copyright law aren’t really related to each other according to a number of people:

It’s just my personal opinion, but I think it’s probably the work of a bot that’s supposed to search for art/keywords and make DMCA hits on its own. It’s most likely not that Shueisha hits people directly, but it’s a mistake that we hope they’ll fix as soon as possible. Let’s just wait for the official statement and see how things move forward.

Source: Twitter

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