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Higehiro Episode 2: A Harem Begins?

After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway or Higehiro episode 2 has just aired. This episode was relatively uneventful, but we really got focus on the excellent personality of Yoshida. I also may not have credited this show properly as it’s starting to have more drama in it than I anticipated for a Romantic Comedy.

Now that Sayu has moved into the residence, Yoshida begins a new process. We now have to learn how to live with women, and more specifically, a teenage one.

What was revealed last week was just the tip of the iceberg. We as an audience are learning about Sayu, at the same rate as our main character. So I really appreciate the underrated personal skills of Yoshida, especially in his interactions. Just from watching her in small moments, Yoshida is able to properly piece her thoughts. As such, when we get his internal thoughts, the audience can learn about her as well.

For instance, in this episode, Yoshida wants to give Sayu a phone to establish a form of contact. However, she quickly declines and tries to brush it off. He quickly puts together that she smiles as a defense to play off situations she doesn’t like.

He lets it go initially, but at home when she does something similar, he confronts her, telling her to stop being fake, and that she needs to be more of herself. This was just one moment of this episode that really showcase the positive traits of Yoshida.

He later has an interaction with a coworker where he corrects them on their work. He critiques harshly, but it’s shown to be out of genuine concern. He also has a new interaction with his boss, where she corners him into a personal question and reveals deeper insight into Yoshida’s life at work.

Through these small individual scenes, we get a better view of the personality of Yoshida. He is shown to be a caring soul, who simply wants the best for others. He values others over himself and as such he did not care about his appearance much.

This explains why before he meet Sayu, he would look so unsightly, but now because of her, he has a reason to take care of himself as well. This also begins a positive change for him as now the women around him are noticing the good traits beyond his personality.

A super pleasant episode to watch, I couldn’t believe it was over when the credits ran. All of the moments are impactful, exploring the world without dragging on. This show continues to be a must watch every week, and I cannot wait for next week’s episode.

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