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Higehiro Episode 7: Looking To The Future

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Higehiro episode 7 premiered this Monday and this episode primarily focused on what comes next. Every character we have met so far, each got a moment to ponder about what the future holds for all of them.

After the terrifying introduction of Yaguchi Kyouya last week, this episode was a drastic change of pace. Mainly focused on character development, episode 7 is much more like what we had seen previously. Fans can appreciate the deep reflection Yoshida, Sayu, and everyone experience.

To start, Asami and Sayu are on their summer break and now are just dealing with normal teenage antics. School, work, and so on, it’s a drastically different theme from last week. However, between their conversations, Asami points out that they should start getting ready for the future.

This leads to some self-reflection from Sayu who wants to figure that out herself. She knows that she doesn’t want to go back home yet if at all, but she doesn’t know how long she can keep this up with Yoshida. Between the legal problems and her own personal dilemmas, she starts to wonder what she should do next.

At work, Mishima spies on Yoshida as per usual and finally decides to deal with Gotou-san after watching her flirt for who knows how long. She pulls her for a girl talk one on one at lunch and goes in right from the start. Mishima interrogates her for what she knows about Yoshida and Sayu and how she really feels about Yoshida.

They address their concerns and discuss flaws in each other’s ways of thinking. However, both of their point of view seems pretty valid on the matter as well. For Gotou, she seems content to let fate work its course no matter how she feels. Mishima feels that she would hold nothing but regret if she didn’t try her best.

Neither one backs down and it was nice to see them interact without Yoshida present. It really feels like we got to see what they are really thinking, and the perspective charge is appreciated. Oh boy though Ms. Mishima isn’t done yet, as she makes her move on Yoshida after work.

She’s rejected in her attempt to ask him out but tries to get his number as a consolation. Oblivious as always, he voices he doesn’t know why she wants it, which leads her to finally confess to him. This also leads to her calling him out for being more selfish than he realizes.

So far in Higehiro episode 7, he has always done things on his own terms, hence why he was in such poor shape prior to Sayu. Now though, Yoshida is doing better but she questions what he really wants. This leads him to wonder is helping Sayu to feel better about himself, like Kyouya said previously, or is he really a good person.

One of my favorite episodes so far from this series as it seemed like an excellent midpoint. Everyone we met had a reason to reflect on what we have learned so far, and we can watch them grow as people. We know they’re not perfect and it was a great reminder of just how ‘human’ the characters really are.

As always, fans can vote for episode 7 in the Anime Corner weekly poll here!

All images are from the Higehiro Episode 7 stream on Crunchyroll.

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