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Higehiro Episode 6: A Haunting Past

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Higehiro episode 6 aired this Monday and fans have a lot to say about a new character introduced, who is Sayu’s co-worker and a haunting figure from her past: Yaguchi Kyouya.

While Sayu met and had wholesome interactions with Gotou-san last week, in this episode Yaguchi Kyouya is introduced – and his meeting with the others did not go as smoothly. In case you don’t remember, the beginning of episode 3 revealed a glimpse of his past with Ogiwara that led to a content warning and shocked many viewers. Yaguchi immediately pushes Sayu to sleep with him again this episode and still calls her “Miyuki-chan”.

Sayu is mentally triggered by his appearance and Yaguchi does not realize his actions ever traumatized her. Luckily, Asami steps in to protect her friend and assures that she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. This does not stop Yaguchi’s pursuit; he waits for Sayu outside of work and threatens to tell everyone about their past if she does not let him come over and “chat” with him. Sayu reluctantly agrees. This decision is heavy, as it shows how ashamed Sayu is of her past, and how she always puts her own feelings last.

As predicted, Yaguchi didn’t intend just to chat. When the two enter Yoshida’s apartment, Yaguchi pressures Sayu to sleep with him and advances even after she refuses. “When I’m alone with a cute girl, I can’t control myself,” he states.

This time, Yoshida arrives right on time and kicks him out. Yaguchi then mocks Yoshida for not using Sayu’s body when he has every opportunity to; this shows a huge contrast between the men’s morals and highlights how important it is that Sayu met someone genuine like Yoshida. When Kyouya realizes Sayu now has people to protect her, he gives up his pursuit of her body.

It’s sad that a girl like Sayu has to face so many hardships. When Yoshida goes inside to check on her, she cries in confusion about how she used to sleep with Yaguchi like it was nothing but is now afraid when approached by him. She is also worried that her caretaker will now be in trouble. Yoshida assures Sayu that her reaction was right, and before she worries about the consequences for everyone else, she should care about herself and her safety. Yoshida vocalizes what we wish we could tell Sayu: don’t blame yourself, because you did nothing wrong.

The next day at work, Asami being her calculating self asks Sayu if something happened with Yaguchi. When Sayu fakes another smile, her friend demands the perpetrator to explain instead. Yaguchi casually tells Asami about the previous night and she angrily scolds him and forces him to apologize to Sayu. He says sorry to her, that he will stop harassing her, and also keeps his promise to not reveal their past.

Sayu forgives him but makes it clear he should not repeat his actions again. This depicts great character development for Sayu, who would have submitted to him had she not met the new positive influences in her life. Yaguchi even notices this and calls her a “fine woman”.

When Yoshida must stay at work the following night, Asami and Sayu decide to have a sleepover. As they go on a beautiful detour under the stars, we learn that Asami’s parents are very wealthy but busy and always neglect her. She talks about how her values differ from her family and how Sayu is the first she’s told all this to. This scene reveals the depth and complexity in Asami’s character beyond being just the cheerful gyaru we know her as.

She was not shown proper care throughout her life, which can explain why she tries so hard to be there for Sayu. The two grow even closer when Ogiwara explains her own past, and Asami embraces her, telling her that everything will be okay.

Sayu approaches Yoshida the next day, asking to continue living with him. He happily accepts, and the episode ends with a wholesome hug. It’s fortunate that Sayu found such great people to be there for her.

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All images are from Higehiro Episode 6 on Crunchyroll.


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