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Hizukuri Teaser Released, Directed By Naoki Matsuura

Naoki Matsuura, episode director for the Black Clover anime, has released a new teaser for his upcoming project: Hizukuri. The film finished initially back in 2020; however, it will release to the general public after 2022. Additionally, several key staff members have been brought into the project for Matsuura’s vision to be fully realized.

Director Of Hizukuri

Screenshot Of Hizukuri

Naoki Matsuura is an episode director that worked on Black Clover and Recovery For An MMO Junkie. Additionally, Naoki Matsuura has also worked on Atom: The Beginning and Rage Of Bahamut: Virgin Soul. Moreover, he is also a storyboard artist, which he used during his anime projects like the Recovery For An MMO Junkie anime.

Music By UQiYO

Screenshot of Hizukuri

UQiYO is a musical band that’s known for its experimental approach to music. The band utilizes an atmosphere and soft beats to create a unique world for the listener to enjoy. UQiYO has actually worked on the short before the official teaser announcement through their music video: Dry Dry Try.

Additionally, the band’s unique musical taste stems from their desire to combine electronic music with organic sounds and aren’t afraid of playing their music in places like churches or offices.

Hizukuri’s Art Direction

Screenshot of Hizukuri

Yumi Nakamura is an animator and animation director who has worked on shows such as Gintama. What’s more, the animation director has also worked on projects such as Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku, an adaptation based on the manga of the same name. What’s more, Nakamura has also worked on illustrations such as the Kiminobel “Lucas Magic School Ikebukuro School Recruiting Enrollees!”.

Hizukuri’s art setting direction is by Yuki Funakaku from Studio Mandarina. The studio specializes in 2D backgrounds, with notable works being Wonder Egg Priority and Weathering with You. What’s more, the studios’ art direction is versatile as it ranges from pen and paintwork like in Hizukuri to digital paint like in “Launch fireworks, do you see from below? do you see it from the side?”

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