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Hololive Indonesia 2nd Generation starts activities

Hololive fans rejoice as its Indonesia branch debuts its 2nd generation of Virtual YouTubers in the first weekend of December this year.

Kureiji Ollie

Profile: “A zombie high school girl risen from her grave. She headed home, relying on memories retained from when she was still alive. Upon arriving, she discovered it had turned into a ramen shop! And so, in order to reclaim her house, she decided to become a VTuber.”

Illustrator: LAM (@ramdayo1122)

  • Birthday: October 13th
  • Height: 162cm

Perhaps the wildest among her generation – and possibly all of Hololive – Ollie has done crazy stuff on her Twitter. She loves memes and even says pog occasionally. She regards herself as the #1 Zombie Idol in the world, and is 17 years old forever.

Prior to entering Hololive, Ollie is already immersed into its rabbit hole: “Once you’ve fallen into the Hololive rabbit hole, it’s impossible not to simp (support).” She then followed in Bahasa Indonesia, “As for who I’m simping for, of course I simp for everyone. It doesn’t matter if they are from Hololive, Hololive EN or even Holostars, I simp everyone! And actually, I don’t only simp for Hololive, I simp a lot of VTubers.”

Ollie said that she will never eat fruits or cabbages. She also warned everyone not to give her coffee, given her hyperactive nature.

Anya Melfissa

Profile: “An ancient weapon known as “Kris”, she was granted human form through a mystical ritual performed by her master. She’s just about always sleeping or playing games. Living mostly alone for so long has made her tend to be apathetic towards things and people she’s uninterested in, but when talking about things she likes, she can be quite childlike and passionate.”

Illustrator: Uekura Eku (@ekureea)

  • Birthday: March 12
  • Height: 147cm

On her debut stream, she said that she is “probably older than most of you humans here” and asks everyone to give her respect. She then proceeds to compare her height against her Hololive colleagues. Anya does not wear shoes because according to her, it’s annoying and she doesn’t need a pair.

Anya likes idols and seiyuu as well as her senior Shirakami Fubuki whom she regards as her “#1 oshi or most supported among Hololive members.” She also likes gacha games, relazing places and visual novels. She doesn’t like irresponsibility, troublesome things, people’s glances, crowds, noises and raisins.

Anya wants to be better at singing so she can focus on her goal of covering her favorite songs as well as releasing her own.

Pavolia Reine

Profile: “Lady of the Peafowl. While studying at a magic academy, she was involved in an incident and transferred to the human world. Since then, she has been unable to use much of her magic.

Although appearing elegant and calm, she can become very emotional when angered.”

Illustrator: Iida Pochi (@lizhi3)

  • Birthday: September 09
  • Height: 172cm

While Ollie started off with an RPG intro and Anya had her visual novel intro, Pavolia Reine took a different approach by having an anime intro for her kick-off.

One of her goals was to have 50,000 subscribers, which she already achieved prior to her debut. She then extended her goal to reach a million subscribers. As with Anya, she aims to release original songs, perform a song for game/anime, have good relationships with her peers and seniors, and create something amazing with Hololive.

To cap off her stream, she addressed the fan demand for her to say “Ara ara,” given that she is illustrated by Pochi-sensei who worked on titles such as “Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?” and “Ane Naru Mono” by stressing that “Ara ara’s are earned.”


Seniors in Hololive such as Tokino Sora and Natsuiro Matsuri have already visited their debut streams, giving the talents a warm welcome which have been received not just by the talents themselves but also their fans.

Kureiji Ollie, Anya Melfissa and Pavolia Reine will join First Generation members Risu Ayunda, Moona Hoshinova and Airani Iofifteen who debuted last April. Prior to this, they have started their Twitter activities last Tuesday, December 01.

Previously, Hololive debuted its English team last September, covering the English-speaking audience. The agency which has raised 700 million yen in a seed funding round last May is currently running an audition for English-speaking virtual singers.

Look forward to watching the 2nd generation of Hololive Indonesia in the future!

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