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Horimiya Episode 2 Releases Preview Video

The second episode of Horimiya premieres in about an hour, and we have a short preview for Episode 2! It shows some new characters, and you can watch it on the official YouTube upload:

But it’s region-locked, so you might want to watch it on the official Twitter instead:

The first episode was adorable, and some are already saying it could be the best romcom of 2021. The anime will have 11 episodes, and you can also read the story:
Kyouko and Izumi are two classmates who each lead a double life: the popular and talented Kyouko cares for her little brother by herself while her parents are away, and the quiet, bespectacled Izumi hides his many piercings and tattoos at school. After accidentally discovering each other’s secrets the pair becomes fast friends, and together, they begin to navigate their new relationship together amongst unknowing peers and love rivals alike.

Rather than a preview, Horimiya Episode 2 releases in Japan today at 24:30 (that’s January 17, 00:30JPST), and it will be available on Funimation a bit later.

If you enjoy the episode, make sure to vote for it as the best of Week 3 here!

Source: Official Aniplex JP YouTube, Horimiya Twitter
©HERO・萩原ダイスケ/SQUARE ENIX・「ホリミヤ」製作委員会

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