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Horimiya Episode 8: Miyamura Shows His Dominant Side

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Horimiya released episode 8 this Saturday. The beginning was a depressing dream from Miyamura, where he talked to his past self and said he should hold off on dying for a bit longer until he meets his friends and Hori. After the opening, we got to the more cheerful part as we saw the way Remi and Sengoku started dating. I thought Remi was more of an airhead, but she seems to be way smarter and they seem like a really sweet couple!

Horimiya Episode 8

Meanwhile, Hori felt down because Miyamura was never mad or violent with her like he is with Tooru and Kouichi. She fantasizes about it and thinks it’d be fun after he gives her a headpat with his foot. Some moments later, he tries to act it out just as some underclassmen open the door and freak out. Although it was an act, Uchiyama Kouki’s voice fits it so well!

Horimiya Episode 8

The last event of the episode was a new character asking Yuki out. She wanted to reject him so she got Tooru to play her boyfriend. He accepted but ‘died’ when he saw Akane and how outclassed he was. Tooru is still the best guy there in my eyes, but it was funny seeing his reactions. The new guy seems interesting too, and seems like a perfect match for Yuki, especially if Kono ends up with Tooru.

Episode 8 showed was wholesome as usual, and you can watch all the episodes of Horimiya on Funimation. If you enjoy it, make sure to vote it as the best anime of Week 9 on our weekly poll! You can also check out our interview we did with the Horimiya anime director here!

The illustrator of the manga, Hagiwara Daisuke, also posted an illustration to commemorate the episode:

In case you’re somehow here without knowing what it is, read the story and maybe give it a shot:

Kyouko and Izumi are two classmates who each lead a double life: the popular and talented Kyouko cares for her little brother by herself while her parents are away, and the quiet, bespectacled Izumi hides his many piercings and tattoos at school. After accidentally discovering each other’s secrets the pair becomes fast friends, and together, they begin to navigate their new relationship together amongst unknowing peers and love rivals alike.

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