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How Voice Actors Are Preparing for CONQuest 2023

This year’s CONQuest will offer a mix of gaming and pop culture, providing congoers to meet their favorite artists, voice actors, players, and content creators. Filipino fans of voice actors are in for a treat as the upcoming event is bringing in more of our favorites than ever. Let’s explore how some of these esteemed guests are preparing for the highly anticipated convention.

First up on the list is the one who’s probably done the most preparation: Khoi Dao (Albedo in Genshin Impact). Not only he is excited to feast on the Philippine fast-food giant Jollibee, but he has also been practicing ordering food in Tagalog. The voice actor also wants to embrace his Southeast Asian heritage and is asking his Filipino “friends” for recommendations of his favorite snacks and other food items.

Meanwhile, his partner and fellow voice actor Laura Stahl (voice of Barbara in Genshin Impact) is already mentally packing for the event and has looked at the nearby Jollibee restaurants near the convention area. She also prepared a traditional Filipino meal recently.

The Titas of Inazumanila have also prepped for their return to the country: Anne Yatco (Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact) has a new stunning Raiden and Scaramouche print ready for her fans while Ratana (Yae Miko in Genshin Impact) commissioned a lovely Ei and Miko “merienda” date illustration.

Local voice actress Vanille Velasquez (Neon in Valorant) will also be at the convention and she shared a Neon artwork that will be one of the prints available in her booth while Adam McArthur (voice of Yuji Itadori in Jujutsu Kaisen) is ready to sign autographs for his fans. On the other hand, Lilypichu (Sayu in Genshin Impact) is asking her fans to not give her dried mangoes because she has had enough.

If you want to get a chance to meet the mentioned voice actors, you can purchase the tickets and see all the activities and their schedules on the CONQuest official website. Tickets are rapidly running out as the Saturday pass is already sold out and only a few premium passes are left.

CONQuest is owned and organized by AcadArena and traces its roots back to Iloilo City, where it started in 2017 as a high school project. It set a record as one of the largest events in the city with around 2,000 people in attendance during the first two years. Last year, we in Anime Corner managed to experience this incredibly fun event.

Check out the official website of CONQuest2023.
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