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Hunter x Hunter Chimera Ant Arc Gets Pop Up Parade Figures

POP UP PARADE Meruem (link), POP UP PARADE Neferpitou (link), and POP UP PARADE Netero (link) figures from the Hunter x Hunter Chimera Ant Arc were announced on November 7, 2023, and will ship in 2024. They all cost around $41. Images of the figures and their specifications can be seen below:

The Hunter x Hunter Chimera Ant Arc is one of the final arcs in the Hunter x Hunter 2011 anime, and a turning point in the narrative which largely followed Gon and Killua’s adventures. The arc is hailed among the greatest of all shonen anime for its portrayal of Gon’s morality as well as the depiction of the relationship between Meruem and Komugi. The anime by Madhouse adapted Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter manga, which debuted in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in March 1998, spanning 37 volumes as of November 8, 2023. The manga series has been known for its frequent hiatuses, but recent posts from Togashi, including a “Start Over” post and his contribution to a The Fist of the North Star exhibit indicate that he is drawing again, and has resumed work on the manga.

The POP UP PARADE Hunter x Hunter figures join recent Danmachi figures of Ais, Haruhime, and Liliruca, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners David, Rebecca, and Lucy figures, Anna Yamada figure from The Dangers in My Heart, and a plethora of figures revealed at WonHobby Gallery 2023 in May.

Crunchyroll streams the Hunter x Hunter 2011 anime, which is described:
Gon, a young boy who lives on Whale Island, dreams of becoming a Hunter like his father, who left when Gon was still young.

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