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Hunter x Hunter Manga Officially Returns With Chapter 391

Hunter x Hunter manga officially ended its nearly four-year-long hiatus with chapter 391 in issue #47/2022 of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in Japan. Kurapika is on the cover of the issue. Viz Media will simulpub the new chapters in English and has also added previous ones (all 390 of them) to its digital vault, making them available online for members in certain regions.

Chapter 391 of Hunter x Hunter will feature the continuation of the story and the battle for the throne. It is titled “Clash: Part 2” and can also be read on the MANGAPlus platform. Check out the cover:

In addition to the return from hiatus with a new chapter, a new volume has also been announced along with the cover. The manga currently has ten chapters (381-390) that have not been compiled into a volume. Volume 37 will release on November 4.

Yoshihiro Togashi, who recently opened a Twitter account, has been posting updates about his daily activities and drawing process. His most recent post mentions chapter 400 and states that chapter 396 has already been completed.

Hunter x Hunter began serialization in 1998 in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. It has been on hiatus since November 2018. Togashi has been struggling with health issues related to back pain in recent years; he even drew diagrams to explain how to properly pick up things when you drop them to avoid injury. This led to the manga often being on hiatus.

Source: Weekly Shonen Jump #47/2022; MANGAPlus
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